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Best Cosmetic Items in Apex Legends

Best Cosmetic Items in Apex Legends
Written by: TheQalamkar

Apex Legends is a great first-person shooter with solid gunplay and entertainment core mechanics. However, the gameplay of Apex is not the only thing about it that stands out amongst the crowd. It's the style as well.


The game has a great cast of characters who have unique personalities, and they make sure to display this in their outfits. Everyone has a personal touch in their battle armor, and you can understand why they choose to go for certain types of flair when you read their backstories.


And it does not stop there either, since Apex Legends has a large library of alternate and special outfits for every legend in the game. And not just that, but you can customize other things too such as stickers, gun skins, and more. Thus, you can choose something that suits your personality too - not just the legend's.


So, let's take a look at the top 10 best Apex Legends cosmetics that the game has to offer!





The Best Cosmetic Items in Apex Legends


When it comes to picking the best cosmetics in a video game, there is a lot of subjectivity involved because everyone has a different preference when it comes to fashion and style. However, when you look at a community collectively, it becomes easier to see what thousands of fans like at the same time.


Because as divisive as the internet and fandoms can be, you will be surprised how often people agree on things too. So, based on our personal taste and what the majority of the fans of Apex Legends like – let’s take a look at the best cosmetic items that the game has to offer.



Revenant – Revelations


If you are a fan of Japanese mechas, then you’ll fall in love with this skin right away. It’s reminiscent of the mechas that we see in shows like Gundam and Evangelion, which is pretty cool to look at.




And even if you aren’t familiar with the references that we’ve made, it’s hard to deny that this is a cool-looking skin in general and makes the Revenant look very different.



Bangalore – Viceroy


Bangalore is a very mean-looking lady, and that never changes no matter what cosmetic you’re using. However, the Viceroy skin is a new take on her personality which looks elegantly dangerous and feels like something that you would see in the Dishonored franchise.




It may feel a little out of place in Apex Legends, but this game has always been about expressing yourself anyway. So, it’s okay to swim against the tide.



Bloodhound – The Plague Doctor


The Plague Doctor needs no introduction, and it was only a matter of time that the Bloodhound was given the privilege of dressing up like one.




And fortunately, it looks very authentic and lets you drive the fear of the plague into the hearts of your enemies without any effort.



Valkyrie – Azure Blessing


Apex Legends does not always have meaningful cosmetics, which is very visible with some legends like Ballistic whose legendary skins are just color swaps. But when it comes to certain cosmetics like Azure Blessing – you can tell that the developers had a vision.




First of all, it looks gorgeous and the detail on the armor is beautiful. Secondly, it really fits Valkyrie and gives her a feeling of feudal royalty – which is wonderful to see.



Wraith – Quarantine 722


Quarantine 722 does not have much of a theme, but it’s undeniably great to look at. Even though Wraith generally has very dark aesthetics, this cosmetic is a breath of fresh air due to its use of bright colors such as white, red, and more.




All of it combines to become a nice skin that keeps the personality of Wraith alive with how many wires you can see around, but still gives her something a bit more lighthearted to wear around.



Octane – Sea Legs


Sea Legs is a cosmetic that immediately makes you think of Luffy from One Piece – which is not something that I was expecting to see in Apex Legends.




However, it surely is a welcome surprise and the whole theme of sea pirates is always very fun to delve into.



Fuse – Broseiden


Speaking of the sea, we also have the Broseiden cosmetic for Fuse, which has an interestingly futuristic take on the mythical ruler of the seas.




The beard game is on point, while the outfit retains a sea-like feel to it despite how different it is to the designs of Poseidon that we are used to. It was difficult picking this over Dread Captain, but we have to go with Broseiden due to the creativity involved.



Mad Maggie – Steamed


A game with gritty aesthetics like Apex Legends would be incomplete without a Steampunk-themed skin. And that’s what brings us to the Steamed cosmetic of Mad Maggie.




It perfectly nails the thematic of the genre, while avoiding the sin of feeling overdesigned. And it surprisingly fits Mad Maggie very well too.



Horizon – Dark Matter


Dark Matter feels like something straight out of a horror game thanks to its darkly design and the all-white eyes that Horizon stares into your soul with.




It may not suit this legend’s personality too much, but how cool and creepy this cosmetic looks easily makes up for that.



Gibraltar – Dark Side


Sticking to the theme of darkness, the Dark Side cosmetic for Gibraltar is gorgeous. It mixes multiple colors into his armor, which includes the shield too. Yet none of it feels too colorful and it retains the dark theme perfectly.




As for his face, that is easily the best part because the skull paint is very detailed and makes the legend look very menacing.



Lifeline – Vital Signs


Vital Signs is the perfect outfit for Lifeline because it retains the theme of being a medic, which can be seen both in colors and the overall design of this outfit.




Sure, the original outfit has a medic feel to it too – but it’s too rough and looks overworn. So, Vital Signs is the natural upgrade to that outfit.



Loba – Gold Standard


Plenty of legends in Apex have a Gold skin, but I personally like Loba’s the most. It beautifully fits in with her personality as she looks gorgeous and smug when she’s wearing it.




And the way that she holds onto her cane without a worry in the world always had a bourgeois feel to it anyway. So, an outfit made out of gold (or at least generously colored into it) feels like the perfect fit for our favorite translocating thief.



Newcastle – Valiant Defender


Valiant Defender is a beautiful mixture of modern-day armor and something that you’d see in the medieval days. And I can tell that it’s going to be a favorite for people who grew up playing Ghouls ‘n Goblins too, as the protagonist in it had similar armor.




It may not be as creative as some of the other cosmetics in the game, but it looks cool, nonetheless.



Caustic – Blackheart


Caustic is one of the few legends in the game that feel naturally intimidating due to their cold personalities and buff physique. But it’s not until you get the Blackheart cosmetic for him that he truly gets to shine, because it’s a menacingly gorgeous outfit that suits him perfectly.




It also comes with a backstory which reveals that he aided an infamous prison break at a time, which he hasn’t been arrested for – yet everyone knows he is responsible.



Rampart – Heritage Pride


It’s always beautiful to see someone acknowledge their roots and take pride in it – and that is what makes the Heritage Pride cosmetic for Rampart so amazing.




It’s a gorgeous outfit that perfectly captures the aesthetics of a traditional Saree, yet at the same time it makes it battle-ready too as Apex Legends is an aggressive game after all.



Catalyst – Blood Moon


Blood Moon feels like an outfit that is straight out of an Anime-themed game thanks to the cool aesthetics and beautiful silver hair that perfectly suit the character.




And the ‘blood’ part of the name is represented in the colors of the outfit, which looks pretty cool and adds a nice touch of darkness to it. It was difficult to choose between this and Celestial Protector, but we’re happy with the choice.



The Lead Farmer


Don’t worry, we’re not forgetting about guns. So, let’s start with The Lead Farmer.




War is never pretty (unless you have RTX on), and it’s good to see that reflected in the design of this weapon skin. It adds a decent amount of paint to the gun, yet it’s all washed out and filled with scratches. And in the middle, we have a skull – which adds a nice touch of grittiness to it all.



The Alternative Remedy


The Alternative Remedy is humor at its best. We have a weapon skin that represents health in its design – yet of course, anyone who gets shot with it will cease to exist.




And when it comes to legends, it goes without saying that it best suits Lifeline. Though others don’t look half bad with it either.



The Predator


The Predator is a menacing skin that perfectly captures the theme of danger, death, and primal instincts. The gold, silver, and black colors surprisingly fit very well together, and the face of an animal on the side looks pretty cool too.




The best part is that it’s not overdesigned, which is surprising given how much it fits together in one package.



The Blunderbuss


The Blunderbuss is exactly what it sounds like – a fancy gun that carries a design that you would normally see in a historical catalogue, full of elegance and death.




And the fact that it’s for a shotgun really helps, since it’s a weapon powerful enough to deserve such a presentation.



Cold Justice


Cold Justice is a great skin that perfectly captures the atmosphere of a frozen location with mountains and deadly soldiers.




Whether it’s the snow, the bandages to keep it together, or the subtle camouflage at the end – this gun skin stands out beautifully.



Charged Warrior


Charged Warrior has a unique design that has a smooth mixture of red, black, and golden colors – which all combine to be a very elegant look.


Then we have the Oni mask, which gives it more personality and makes it stand out amongst the crowd since not too many weapon skins in the game have such a theme.




That’s it for our list of the best Apex Legends cosmetic items, which includes both character models and weapon skins.


We hope that you like our favorites, and that this list includes some cosmetics that you enjoy in the game too. And if you feel like we missed anything important, then feel free to let us know that too.


While you’re still here, make sure to check out many of our other helpful Apex Legends guides on Esports Driven!


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