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Apex Legends Player Count 2024 - How Many People Play Apex?

Apex Legends Player Count 2024 - How Many People Play Apex?
Written by: ASH

Apex Legends, the popular free-to-play Hero Shooter developed by Respawn Entertainment, continues to attract a large player base since its release in 2019. With its unique blend of strategic squad play and innovative gameplay, it has become a favorite among gamers worldwide.


In this article, we will explore the current player count of Apex Legends and provide some insights into its popularity.




Current Player Count of Apex Legends


Apex_Legends_Player_Count_2024_ _How_Many_People_Play_Apex


As of today, the player count for Apex Legends stands at approximately 295,325 players online. This number represents the estimated amount of players actively engaged in the game at any given time. It is important to note that the player count can fluctuate throughout the day as new players join and others finish their gaming sessions.



Trends and Growth


Apex Legends has seen steady growth in its player count over the years. Looking at the Steam Charts data, we can observe that the game has experienced both increases and decreases in its player base. In the last 30 days, the average player count has been around 189,010.38, with a peak of 469,431 players. These numbers indicate a consistent level of interest and engagement in the game.



Top Countries Playing Apex Legends


Apex Legends has a global player base, with players from various countries participating in the action-packed battles. According to the statistics, the top five countries with the highest active daily participation are:


  1. United States - 38.92%
  2. United Kingdom - 7.18%
  3. Russia - 5.81%
  4. Brazil - 5.54%
  5. China - 3.73% 


These numbers highlight the game's popularity across different regions and demonstrate its appeal to players worldwide.


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Apex Legends continues to captivate a global audience, maintaining a robust player base with around 295,325 gamers online at any given time. Its consistent growth and widespread popularity, particularly in the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Brazil, and China, underscore its status as a premier Hero Shooter. The game's unique blend of strategic gameplay and dynamic squad mechanics ensures its position as a favorite in the competitive gaming landscape.

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