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Revenant Reborn in Apex Legends

Revenant Reborn in Apex Legends
Written by: iamharoongill

In the ever-evolving battlegrounds of the Outlands, change is the only constant. Legends rise, adapt, and occasionally transform to fit the shifting dynamics of this high-octane arena. Yet, few changes have been as anticipated or as dramatic as the metamorphosis of the simulacrum assassin known to many as Revenant.


As Season 18 of Apex Legends unfolds, players are introduced to a revitalized and eerily more menacing version: Revenant Reborn. Dive with us into the shadows of this Legend's mysterious overhaul, uncovering the lore, gameplay mechanics, and strategic implications of his haunting rebirth.





Who is Revenant Reborn?


Revenant, one of the most enigmatic and haunting Legends in the Apex Games, has undergone a significant transformation in Season 18, leading to the emergence of Revenant Reborn. But what brought about this change, and what does it imply for the lore and gameplay?


Backstory and Lore Insights:


  • Kill Code Cinematics:Through the Kill Code cinematic sequences, players are taken on a deeper journey into Revenant’s past and present. The narrative paints a murky picture of clandestine activities, especially revolving around Octane’s father's intentions with Revenant.
  • Revelations about Caleb Cross:A significant discovery rattles the world of Apex Legends – someone has found the original head of Caleb Cross. For those unfamiliar with Revenant's lore, Caleb Cross is the human identity Revenant once had before becoming the simulacrum assassin we know. This discovery suggests attempts to control or manipulate Revenant, hinting at larger conspiracies within the Apex universe.




  • Connection to Hammond Labs:There's speculation, backed by in-game narratives from the Neon Network Collection event, linking Revenant's evolution to Hammond Labs. The exact nature of this relationship remains veiled in mystery, but it's clear that the organization plays a crucial role in Revenant’s transformation.



In-Game Implications:


  • A Shift in Abilities: While the narrative progresses, players experience this change more tangibly in Revenant's new kit. The story provides context, explaining why Revenant Reborn now has a different set of abilities from the original.
  • Interactions and Malfunctions: One particularly intriguing aspect is the malfunctioning of Revenant's death totem, as shown in Kill Code's second episode. It not only fuels the lore but also impacts how players strategize with or against Revenant in matches.



Beyond Gameplay – The Narrative Perspective:


  • Evolution Over Replacement: Respawn has opted for a unique approach with Revenant. While characters in games usually receive tweaks or minor changes, the transformation into Revenant Reborn is a narrative-driven overhaul. This method enriches the game's lore, making changes feel organic and part of the evolving Apex story.
  • Setting Future Expectations: The tale of Revenant Reborn sets a precedent. Players can anticipate that future changes to other Legends might be embedded deeply within the game's lore, making Apex Legends not just a battle royale but also a dynamic narrative experience.


In essence, Revenant Reborn is more than just a refreshed Legend. He is a testament to the intricate blend of storytelling and gameplay that Apex Legends offers, signaling that in the Outlands, the only constant is change.



Revenant Reborn Abilities


The transition from Revenant to Revenant Reborn in Apex Legends Season 18 wasn't just a cosmetic or lore-based change. The core of this shift lies in the remodeling of his abilities, turning this simulacrum into a more potent and strategic Legend in the Apex Games. Let's break down each of these abilities to better understand their implications on gameplay.





Passive Ability - Assassin’s Instinct


  • Overview: This ability is a game-changer for tracking and strategy. It essentially turns Revenant into a hunter, stalking his prey.
  • Details: When enemies are at low health, they are highlighted through walls, making it easier for Revenant and his team to finish them off. It is especially crucial during tight squad fights, where identifying a weakened enemy can shift the tide of the battle.
  • Mobility Enhancements: On top of this tracking ability, Revenant Reborn retains his enhanced crouch walk speed and climbing ability. However, the introduction of improved horizontal movement when climbing offers new traversal possibilities, allowing for more unexpected flanking routes and high-ground control.



Tactical Ability - Shadow Pounce


  • Overview: Mobility is paramount in Apex Legends, and Shadow Pounce pushes this to the next level.
  • Details: At its core, this ability is a forward leap. But it's not just any leap; players can charge this jump to cover significant distances, comparable to an Octane Launch Pad when fully charged. It brings a new dimension to initiating fights, escaping tight spots, or even repositioning during battles.
  • Strategic Implications: Given its charging nature, players must decide on-the-fly whether to use it for short, quick bursts or charge it fully for maximum range. It makes Shadow Pounce both a mobility tool and a psychological weapon, forcing opponents to anticipate Revenant's next move.



Ultimate Ability - Forged Shadows


  • Overview: This ability is a balance of offense and defense. It provides Revenant a protective shroud but at the cost of making him a bigger target.
  • Details: Forged Shadows create a layer of hardened shadows around Revenant. This layer can absorb incoming damage, but it also increases his upper body hitbox. This trade-off requires players to be strategic, assessing when to deploy it.
  • Combo Potential: The shroud, along with his Tactical ability, gets an instant refresh if Revenant scores any knockdowns. It encourages aggressive play, rewarding players for securing knockdowns with the opportunity for a quick re-engage or retreat using Shadow Pounce.



Why Change Revenant?


Revenant's transition to Revenant Reborn wasn't just an arbitrary decision. In the fluid landscape of Apex Legends, Legend rebalances and changes are rooted in multifaceted reasons. Let's explore the motives and implications behind one of the game's most dramatic character overhauls.





Analyzing In-game Metrics


  • Pick Rate Concerns: One of the quantifiable metrics in any competitive game is the pick rate of characters. Before the introduction of Revenant Reborn, Revenant’s pick rate stood at 2.4%, putting him in line with other Legends like Mad Maggie. However, for a character so integral to the game's lore, such a modest pick rate indicated a need for revitalization.
  • Comparative Analysis: When juxtaposed with newer Legends, like Newcastle, who had a mere 1.1% pick rate, it became evident that without change, established Legends might gradually lose their appeal in the evolving meta.



Addressing Gameplay Dynamics


  • Problematic Playstyle: According to the developers, Revenant's playstyle was becoming somewhat predictable, lessening the excitement around this Legend. A change was necessary to rejuvenate his gameplay dynamics and make him more competitive with newer, modern Legends.
  • Balancing the Roster: In any battle royale game, maintaining a balanced roster where each character has distinct advantages and viable gameplay is essential. Revenant's rework was a step towards achieving this equilibrium.



Narrative Advancement


  • Deepening the Lore: Apex Legends is as much about its immersive storytelling as it is about the gameplay. Evolving Revenant further enriches the game's narrative, adding layers of complexity and intrigue to an already enigmatic character.
  • Setting Precedents: With Revenant’s transformation, Respawn Entertainment signaled that no Legend is static. This dynamic nature not only keeps gameplay fresh but also keeps players engaged with unfolding story arcs.



Staying Contemporary in the Battle Royale Landscape


  • Keeping Up with the Meta: The ever-changing meta of battle royale games demands adaptability. Legends need periodic changes to ensure they don't become obsolete, especially in a game that sees regular content updates and new Legend introductions.
  • Player Feedback: Community feedback is a cornerstone for game developers. Addressing player concerns, suggestions, and desires ensures a loyal player base and a game that continues to resonate with its audience.



Best weapons to use with Revenant Reborn in Apex Legends




Revenant Reborn’s predatory playstyle syncs flawlessly with close-range weapons:

  • CAR SMG: A versatile submachine gun that boasts a good balance between fire rate and control. Paired with Revenant's gap-closing Shadow Pounce, you can quickly eliminate foes before they react.
  • R99: Infamous for its rapid-fire rate, the R99 is ideal for those who can maintain accuracy during intense close-range combat. Perfect for quickly finishing off enemies detected by the Assassin's Instinct passive.
  • Peacekeeper: A deadly shotgun that, when aimed correctly, can be devastating up close. Especially powerful if you've just used Shadow Pounce to leap into the fray.
  • Mastiff: Another formidable shotgun, the Mastiff offers a horizontal pellet spread, making it a top choice for close engagements.
  • Volt: An energy SMG known for its consistency, the Volt can be great for mid-range confrontations, allowing Revenant to stay agile while dispatching foes.
  • Prowler (Care Package): With its burst and full-auto modes, the Prowler can be adjusted based on the engagement range. When retrieved from a care package, it can be a game-changer with its increased damage and accuracy.


The Synthetic Nightmare can turn any weapon into an instrument of terror. But these weapons, given his playstyle, can be especially devastating.





As the sun sets on another thrilling season in the Outlands, the emergence of Revenant Reborn reminds us of the ever-evolving nature of Apex Legends. His haunting transformation not only revitalizes the gameplay dynamics for long-time Revenant enthusiasts but also introduces newer players to a character teeming with depth, both in lore and combat mechanics.


Revenant Reborn is a testament to Respawn Entertainment's commitment to keeping the Legends fresh, narratives engaging, and the battles in the Outlands unpredictable. As players, we're left eager for what's next, armed with an arsenal tailored for the Synthetic Nightmare, ready to embrace the shadows of what lies ahead.


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