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How to Unlock Legends in Apex Legends

How to Unlock Legends in Apex Legends
Written by: mellomutt
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Currently, there is a total of 21 legends available on Apex Legends’ legend pool. Unfortunately, every new account gets only 6 of them for free. That is less than a third of the legend pool. EA also introduces new legends almost every new season and the number only keeps getting bigger. But no need to fret; there are multiple ways newcomers can unlock these legends both for cash and for free. Let’s find out how you utilize the multiple in-game currencies to unlock new legends and some tips on which legends to unlock first.



Unlocking with Apex Coins


Apex Coins act as the main form of currency in the game. It is also the easiest and the fastest way to purchase cosmetics and other stuff from the in-game store. However, it is also the most expensive currency as most of the time you will need to buy the currency for real money. Apex Coins are also given away for free sometimes as free rewards for completing battle pass tiers.


A Legend costs 750 Apex Coins to unlock so you will be spending some serious cash if you are planning to buy them all. So, to buy a single Legend, you should get at least the least expensive bundle of Coins that comes with a price tag of $9.99. That sums up a single Legend’s cost to be around $7.50. Refer to the below image to find out what other Apex Coins packages you can invest in.


Apex Coins bundles you can get in the store


Players can purchase Apex Coins on the store section that is found in the Apex Legends lobby screen. Usually, they can be bought right there on the in-game store, but EA has blocked players from buying Coins via Steam in many regions. So if your game’s store says coins are unavailable, you might want to try launching the game through Origin instead.


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Unlocking with Legend Tokens


Legend Tokens are the most basic currency in the game that does not require any real cash. They are absolutely free for players to collect but, unlike with Apex Coins, there really isn’t much you can get with this currency in Apex Legends. You can either purchase legends with Legend Tokens or get special recolors for your favorite skins.


Legend Tokens balance


A Legend costs around 12,000 Legend Tokens. That might sound pretty cheap since tokens are acquired for free in the game. But the only way to get these free tokens is by leveling up your profile. You get 600 tokens per almost every level you level up your account. Yes, it is pretty much a grind meaning you will have to spend a lot of time playing the game to earn Legend Tokens. But fortunately, EA has introduced some ways to get XP boosts to level up faster.




How to unlock Legends you have enough Tokens or Coins?


Once you have either 750 Apex Coins or 12,000 Legend Tokens, the process to unlock your champ is pretty straightforward;


  1. Head over to the Legends tab in the main Apex Legends lobby screen.
  2. Click on the Legend you wish to unlock.
  3. Click on the unlock button and pay with either of the two currencies.


Legends unlocking screen


While this is the main way to unlock legends, there is also another way. You can simply head over to the store from the Apex Legends lobby screen and get any of the skin bundles to unlock a specific Legend instantly alongside a skin for them.


Deciding on which Legend to unlock next can be a challenge, too, especially for newcomers to the game. Go and check out the Legend tier list to find out which champions have the best ability kits for your play styles and are fun to play.  

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