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Best Apex Legends Ranked Team

Best Apex Legends Ranked Team
Written by: iamharoongill

In the adrenaline-fueled world of battle royales, few games have captured the imagination of players as vividly as Apex Legends. Since its surprise release in 2019, this dynamo from Respawn Entertainment has intertwined strategy, unique character abilities, and raw shooting skills into a thrilling dance of survival. But while individual prowess can get you far, it's teamwork that truly elevates gameplay to an art form.


Enter the realm of Apex Legends' ranked mode, where the best teams duke it out, not just for bragging rights, but for the title of Apex Predator. As strategies evolve and new Legends enter the arena, which teams stand tall as the cream of the crop? Dive with us as we explore the characteristics, strategies, and undeniable synergy of the best Apex Legends Ranked teams.




The Evolution of Apex Legends Teams


When Apex Legends was first unveiled, the roster had a limited number of Legends, including familiar faces like Wraith, Bloodhound, and Gibraltar. Early strategies often revolved around these initial characters, with players quickly forming teams based on the Legends' distinct abilities. These foundational days were marked by exploration and experimentation as players navigated through the intricacies of each character and how they fit into a cohesive team.



How teams have adapted to meta shifts and new character introductions:




As with any evolving competitive game, the meta – the prevailing strategy or tactics that are considered the most effective – in Apex Legends has seen several shifts. With each season, Respawn introduced new characters, weapons, and map changes, forcing players and teams to adapt. For instance, the introduction of characters like Wattson brought about a more defensive playstyle, while Horizon's arrival offered unique aerial maneuverability.


Teams had to remain agile, always ready to rethink their strategies. Some Legends fell out of favor, while others emerged as must-picks in ranked matches. But it wasn’t just about individual character prowess; it was about how these characters meshed together in a team setting. The best teams showcased adaptability, constantly refining their game plans to stay ahead of opponents and capitalize on the ever-changing landscape of Apex Legends' meta.



Key Characteristics of the Best-Ranked Teams


apex Best Ranked_Teams


Composition: The backbone of any top-tier Apex Legends team lies in its composition. A balanced squad featuring recon for scouting, support for sustainability, and offensive characters for aggressive pushes forms a harmonious blend that caters to various in-game situations. It's not just about selecting the strongest Legends but about forming a trio that complements each other's strengths and compensates for weaknesses.


Communication: Beyond individual skills, effective communication is the thread that binds successful teams. Quick, clear callouts, sharing intel on enemy movements, or discussing loot distributions can be the difference between a win and a loss. It's a vital component in coordinating attacks, defenses, and strategizing on the fly.


Adaptability: In the unpredictable arena of Apex Legends, the best teams display unparalleled adaptability. Whether it's a sudden change in enemy tactics, an unexpected ring closure, or handling third-party engagements, the capability to swiftly pivot strategies and remain unfazed under pressure is a hallmark of top-ranking teams.



Top 5 Best Apex Legends Ranked Teams 2023


Team 1: [TSM]




  • Ranking: 1
  • Total Points: 920
    • Split 1 Playoffs: 500
    • Split 2 Playoffs: 420


TSM has consistently dominated the Apex Legends scene. Their strategies are both dynamic and precise, showcasing their deep understanding of the game's mechanics.


Key Players and Their Main Legends:


  • Player A: [Wraith] - Known for aggressive portal plays.
  • Player B: [Gibraltar] - The team's defensive anchor, shielding and reviving with precision.
  • Player C: [Bloodhound] - The eyes of the team, always scouting ahead and relaying critical information.


TSM is renowned for its high-ground takes, especially in end-game circles. They combine Wraith's portal plays with Gibraltar's dome shield, ensuring safety while maintaining an aggressive position.



Team 2: [XSET]




  • Ranking: 2
  • Total Points: 680
    • Split 1 Playoff: 340
    • Split 2 Playoffs: 340


XSET, while not always on top, has displayed an unwavering commitment to excellence, continually delivering breathtaking plays and showcasing their skill.


Overview and Standout Moments: One unforgettable moment was their last-minute rotation during the finals, catching multiple squads off guard and securing a high-placement finish. Their synergy is palpable, with each player knowing when to engage and when to play it safe.



Team 3: [DarkZero Esports]




  • Ranking: 3
  • Total Points: 640
    • Split 1 Playoffs: 140
    • Split 2 Playoffs: 500


DZ Esports, though ranking third, has introduced innovative strategies that have left a mark on the competitive scene.


Their Unique Strategies and How They've Influenced the Meta: DarkZero is often credited for popularizing aggressive plays with less traditional Legends. Their use of characters like Rampart in offensive scenarios has caught many opponents by surprise and shifted perspectives on certain Legends' viability in ranked plays.



Team 4: [NRG]




  • Ranking: 4
  • Total Points: 580
    • Split 1 Playoffs: 420
    • Split 2 Playoffs: 160


NRG, a powerhouse in esports, has shown consistent performance throughout. While their Split 2 performance wasn't as dominant, they remain a formidable team.



Team 5: [Alliance]




  • Ranking: 5
  • Total Points: 500
    • Split 1 Playoffs: 300
    • Split 2 Playoffs: 200


Alliance, rounding out our top 5, showcases European prowess in Apex Legends. Their Split 1 performance was noteworthy, proving that they can go toe-to-toe with the best in the business.



Strategies Employed by the Best Teams


Positioning: At the heart of every elite team's success is the art of positioning. Securing high ground offers a panoramic view, enabling teams to make informed decisions based on enemy movements. Choke points, on the other hand, can be used to bottleneck adversaries, making them easy targets. Moreover, understanding circle predictions ensures teams aren't caught out of position, allowing them to rotate early and secure the best spots.


Looting Strategy: Time is of the essence in Apex Legends. The best teams optimize their drop locations and looting paths to gear up swiftly. Efficient loot distribution ensures each team member is adequately equipped. Sharing gear, especially essential items like shield batteries and ammunition keeps the team balanced. Furthermore, identifying and securing priority items, such as high-tier armor or key attachments, can significantly tilt the balance in a team's favor.


Engagement: Knowing when to take a fight is as crucial as the battle itself. Elite teams gauge the strength of their position, the potential loot rewards, and the risks involved. Retreating from a disadvantageous position can be the key to longevity in a match. Furthermore, the strategy of third-partying, or attacking teams already engaged in combat, is employed masterfully by top teams, capitalizing on distracted or weakened enemies.



The Role of Individual Skill and Team Synergy


Apex_Legends_Top Ranked_Teams


How Individual Prowess Complements Team Play: While team strategy is paramount, individual skill provides the edge. A single player's ability to win a 1v1 or make a clutch play can be the difference between defeat and victory.


Examples of Legendary Individual Plays: Whether it's Player A's solo squad wipe with just a P2020 or Player B's last-second clutch revive under a hail of gunfire, individual moments of brilliance often turn the tide of a match, making them the stuff of Apex legend.


Understanding Teammate Tendencies and Playstyles: Recognizing a teammate's playstyle, whether aggressive, defensive, or support-oriented, ensures the team moves as a cohesive unit. Predicting their moves and complementing their playstyle can amplify the team's overall efficiency.



Challenges Faced by Top-Ranked Teams


Adapting to New Season Updates and Meta Changes: Apex Legends is ever-evolving. With each season comes new Legends, weapons, and map changes. Top teams are constantly on their toes, adapting their strategies to remain relevant.

Handling Pressure and Maintaining Consistency: The weight of expectations can be immense. Maintaining a consistent performance, especially when every other team is gunning for the top spot, is a challenge that only the best can handle.

Overcoming Slumps and Periods of Underperformance: Even the best have their off days. Bouncing back after a series of losses, re-evaluating strategies, and regaining confidence are challenges every top team faces at some point in their journey.




In the electrifying arena of Apex Legends, individual skill is undeniably essential, but it's the synergy, strategy, and adaptability of teams that truly dictate the outcomes of ranked matches. From understanding the intricacies of map positioning to mastering the art of engagement, the best-ranked teams in Apex Legends exemplify the pinnacle of teamwork and strategic gameplay.


As the game continues to evolve with new seasons, weapons, and Legends, it's the teams that remain adaptable and cohesive that will continue to rise above the rest. Whether you're an aspiring pro or a casual fan, there's no denying the awe-inspiring talent and dedication of these top teams in the ever-competitive world of Apex Legends.


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