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The 10 Worst Mistakes Players Make in Apex Legends

The 10 Worst Mistakes Players Make in Apex Legends
Written by: TheQalamkar

Unlike other battle royale games that have an easy beginner's learning curve, Apex Legends does not pull any punches whatsoever. As soon as you land on the map, you get obliterated within a few minutes because it's an unforgiving game.


And unfortunately, it's very easy to make mistakes in Apex Legends because the game requires a lot of trial and error for anyone to become a good player.


The first step in improving is to learn how to avoid making the mistakes that lead to an early exit. And it can take a while to figure it out.


Worry not - we're here to save the day. After spending hundreds of hours into the game, we can confidently tell you what the top 10 mistakes in Apex Legends are that the player makes, and how to avoid them too!





The Worst Mistakes You Can Make in Apex Legends


It’s completely natural to make mistakes in a video game, but there are certain things that you can easily avoid doing for immediate improvements. We’ve monitored the behavior of many players in Apex Legends, especially beginners, and noted down what they could have done better.


1. Not Having a Main Legend


Apex Legends has a diverse cast of playable characters, each of which come with their own unique abilities. So, it’s no surprise that people like to play as more than a single legend in the game. And of course, sometimes another person in your team grabs a legend and that means you cannot use them anymore too. So, it helps to know how to play as multiple characters.




However, it takes a lot of time and practice to get used to a specific legend in the game. And there is also the fact that some legends just suit certain playstyles more. So, a character that your friend is great with – may not be someone that you enjoy playing as too.


That’s why playing as too many legends in a short period of time can be a grave mistake for many players, because it takes time and patience to master the abilities of each one of them. After all, weapons are only going to win you half the battle. Utilizing special abilities is an important part of winning a match.


So, you should try to get a better grip on a specific character that you really like in Apex Legends and try to stick with them. If you struggled with using abilities properly before – you’ll notice an improvement almost immediately after not changing legends constantly.



2. Rushing Into Fights Too Quickly After Landing


As soon as we land on a map, everyone wants to experience some action right away. Especially since the servers of Apex Legends already take a millennium to throw you into a match.




However, that is hardly ever a good idea because there is always a chance that some team managed to land before you did and already has a good set of weapons. And then you get obliterated right away without any chance of winning the fight.


So, always try to land in a decent spot where you can pick up some nice loot. And after you have an inventory full of good items, you can start looking for people to fight.



3. Not Having Enough Ammo for the Last Few Circles


Even though you can pick up a lot of ammunition in Apex Legends, it’s no secret that it runs out quite fast. And when we’re in zone with a couple of kills on our score, it’s natural to feel a little comfortable in your chances of victory.


However, that does not mean that you should stop keeping an eye on your ammo. Especially when the match is about to end and we’re witnessing the last few circles closing in. A lot of times players have lost the final firefight(s) because they ran out of ammo at the wrong time. So, always make sure to be stacked up for these final moments.



4. Not Prioritizing Having Weapons at All Times


A lot of times when we land, we try to find the best weapons possible. And there is nothing wrong with that, as it is the proper way of playing the game. However, having the best weapon does not mean that you should not pick up anything at all until you find them.


If you have a bad weapon or two, you can at least defend yourself until you find something better. If you don’t pick anything up at all in the first few minutes, there is almost a guarantee that you will be eliminated by someone else who did.



5. Not Doing Inventory Management


For those of us who love RPG games, we don’t have to be reminded to manage our inventory and it’s something that we’re always doing by default. But for everyone else, this is sometimes a concept that we often forget about.




In Apex Legends, you can pick up ammunition for weapons that you don’t currently have. And on top of that, if you switch to a different weapon – you don’t automatically drop ammo for what you just dropped either. So, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your inventory and to make sure that you’re not carrying any excess material.



6. Playing the Lone Wolf


Everyone loves being the lone warrior who can take on entire armies by themselves like Rambo. But that does not mean that it’s always the best approach to take. Apex Legends is a cooperative game, and it really pays off to work together as a team with your fellow legends, even if they are a part of random matchmaking.


It’s not that you cannot be a good enough player on your own – but there will always be full teams of enemies who are attacking you. And taking on them alone is impossible even if you’re a very skilled player.



7. Not Using Your Resources Properly


There are a lot of extra things in Apex Legends other than basic weaponry and special abilities. You can find grenades, shurikens, replicators, and even deploy ziplines on the go. And all of these things can become a very useful thing for you to use in combat.




Due to how intense the combat of the game is, even I find myself not using half of these things at times. And that eventually led to my demise more times than I can count. So, always remember that you can use items like these to spice things up.



8. Prioritizing Scopes That Aren't Necessary


Apex Legends has a lot of scopes that you can find and apply to your guns, and some of them have high rarity compared to the rest. However, just because a scope is rare, does not mean it’s important for your gun.


Sometimes, your guns don’t need a 3x scope. And using one can hinder your ability to properly aim at the enemy. This is not to say that 3x scopes are useless – but it’s always a good idea to make sure that the specific gun that you’re using does need one.



9. Not Utilizing Downtime Between Fights


If your enemy runs away in the middle of a gunfight and starts hiding – you shouldn’t keep trying to chase them. Chances are that the enemy has already used this down time to heal themselves. And if you haven’t done that yourself, then you won’t stand a chance of winning this fight.




Thus, it’s always a good idea to use downtime in fights to heal up and pick up ammunition. And if you’re fighting a team, then don’t focus on the person running away. Instead, shoot their friends who are still trying to fight you.



10. Not Pinging Enemies During a Fight


If you encounter an enemy, chances are your friends cannot see them right away. If you start fighting them alone without pinging them, your friends might realize this too late and then you will be downed with multiple people firing at you. And since you’re down, now your team has even less chance of winning the fight.


So, always make sure to ping enemies as soon as you encounter them or are about to fight them. This way, your teammates will know what you’re up to and assist you if they can.




That’s it for our list of the top 10 worst mistakes that Apex Legends players make. If you make any of these mistakes when playing the game – don’t worry, as even we started out in the same way. It’s all about practicing and then getting better.


We hope that you find this guide useful and that we managed to teach you a new thing or two. If we missed out on any common mistakes that players make in Apex Legends, then make sure to let us know. And while you’re still here, make sure to check out some of our other Apex Legends guides on Esports Driven too!

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