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Ballistic Apex Legends - The Ultimate Guide to Become A Pro

Ballistic Apex Legends - The Ultimate Guide to Become A Pro
Written by: iamharoongill

Meet Ballistic, your new Assault Legend introduced in Season 17 of Apex Legends. Known by his civilian name August "Ballistic" Brinkman, he's a former champ of the Thunderdome who initially bowed out due to a personal tragedy. However, he's making a comeback, stepping in to fill the shoes of his late son in the Apex Games.


Contrary to his flashy history in the ring, Ballistic is a study in coolness and poise—traits that every player will need to internalize to fully harness his capabilities. Mastering Ballistic is all about striking the perfect balance between going full-throttle and strategically lurking in the shadows, especially when up against the diverse lineup of opponents in the Apex Games. If you're having a hard time juggling his extensive weapon options or you're curious about the challenges you'll face when going against him, read on for an in-depth look at his skill set and some crucial tips to maximize his unique third weapon slot.





Ballistic's Abilities in Apex Legends





Passive Ability: The Sling


Ballistic's passive skill, known as The Sling, allows him to carry a third weapon. You can select this additional firearm via your character's utility action or your inventory menu. While this third weapon won't accept any attachments—under normal conditions, at least—things change dramatically during Ballistic's ultimate move, Tempest. When activated, your third weapon morphs into a fully kitted gold weapon, capable of holding all kinds of attachments.



Tactical Ability: Whistler


Get ready to play mind games with Ballistic's tactical skill, Whistler. This unique bullet, when fired, heats up an opponent's gun as they shoot. If they continue firing, their weapon will overheat, damaging them in the process. The Whistler bullet features auto-lock functionality, akin to mechanics from Titanfall, ensuring that you're more likely to hit your mark.

But worry not if your aim goes awry during the heat of battle. A miss isn't a total loss; the Whistler bullet will embed itself into the closest surface, turning into a nifty trap. Any enemy who ventures too close will experience the same gun-overheating consequences as if you'd hit them directly.



Ultimate Ability: Tempest


Ballistic's ultimate, Tempest, serves as a massive boost to not just him, but also his teammates in proximity. Upon activation, you’ll enjoy quicker reload times, enhanced movement speed while armed, and unlimited ammo for the duration of the buff. Plus, remember that third weapon in The Sling? It instantly upgrades to a gold-tier powerhouse during Tempest's effect.



Class-Specific Abilities for Ballistic the Assault Legend


Uncover Hidden Supplies: Ballistic can unlock secret compartments in red Weapon Supply Bins. These compartments contain gear that synergizes well with his current loadout, reminiscent of the Smart Loot Supply Bins found in the IMC Armories of Storm Point.


Ammo Capacity Boost: Ballistic also gets a little extra in the ammo department. His inventory can hold an additional 20 rounds of Energy, Heavy, and Light Ammo. Moreover, he can stock up on 37 Sniper Rounds and 21 Shotgun Rounds, a marked increase from the standard 28 and 16, respectively.



All Ballistic lore in Apex Legends


Ballistic enters the Apex Games arena with a past steeped in the brutal world of competitive bloodsports.




Before the Apex Games ever existed, Ballistic was a formidable competitor in the Thunderdome. He wasn't a lone wolf; he fought alongside two other champions—Sok Leng and her sibling Kit Siang. Despite their camaraderie, Ballistic's burgeoning ego began to overshadow his team dynamics. In a moment where his desire for crowd adoration got the better of him, he failed to support his teammates. This critical lapse in judgment led to the tragic death of Kit Siang.


Haunted by overwhelming guilt, as outlined in his official character bio, Ballistic withdrew from the spotlight and retreated into a self-imposed exile, neglecting not just his career but also his family—his wife and son. His son, inspired yet undeterred by his father's complicated legacy, aspired to outdo him and eventually enrolled himself in the Apex Games. Upon learning of his son's daring decision, Ballistic made an offer to replace him. Duardo Silva, the organizer of the games, accepted this proposal.


Thus, Ballistic makes his return, not just as a competitor but as a man on a mission to atone for his past mistakes and protect his family's future.+



Best Squad Composition With Ballistic




While Ballistic's ultimate ability, Tempest, can generally give a nice speed boost to any legend, certain characters particularly shine when paired with him. Let's delve into the most synergistic partnerships you can form with Ballistic in the arena:



Octane & Ballistic: The Speed Demons


Octane, already one of the speediest legends in the game, takes full advantage of Ballistic's Tempest boost. The best part? Octane can rev up his pace without having to sacrifice any health, making this duo a speedster's dream.



Revenant & Ballistic: The Dark Duo


Teaming up with Revenant can turn Ballistic into a devastating force. When you combine Revenant's Death Totem with Ballistic's Tempest, you not only get amped-up mobility but also accelerated reload speeds. Even if you fall in battle, the Totem ensures you're right back in the fight, unleashing chaos all over again.



Mad Maggie & Ballistic: The Warlords


Mad Maggie synergizes incredibly well with Ballistic. Her own speed-boosting abilities—Wrecking Ball and the passive Warlord's Ire—are further enhanced when paired with Ballistic's Tempest. Plus, being Assault-class legends, both can access specialized loot from Weapon Supply containers and benefit from carrying extra ammo. A win-win!



Wraith & Ballistic: The Elusive Pair


Wraith, who has recently lost some of her stacking speed bonuses, finds a valuable ally in Ballistic. It appears that Tempest can still be combined with one of Wraith's speed-enhancing abilities. This makes her not only a swift operator but also the perfect legend for creating escape paths for the team.


By choosing legends that harmonize with Ballistic’s unique abilities, you can form a squad that’s not just powerful but nearly unstoppable.



Best weapons to use with Ballistic in Apex Legends




While your weapon selection in Apex Legends will largely depend on your personal preferences, some firearms are exceptionally compatible with Ballistic's abilities. Given the substantial speed and reload boosts from his ultimate, Tempest, SMGs and shotguns naturally complement his playstyle. For those with pinpoint accuracy, the Wingman also makes for a devastating choice.


Top Weapons for General Play:

  • Wingman: A high-skill weapon that rewards accurate aim.
  • R99: An SMG that excels in close-quarters combat.
  • CAR SMG: Versatile and effective at both close and medium ranges.
  • EVA-8 Auto: A reliable shotgun that packs a punch.
  • Nemesis: A well-rounded choice for players familiar with its mechanics.


Ideal Sling Weapons with Gold Attachments During Tempest:

  • Devotion: This LMG becomes a monster with gold attachments.
  • Havoc: Gold attachments turn this energy rifle into a significant threat.
  • Wingman: The classic heavy pistol benefits greatly from top-tier attachments.
  • Mozambique: Often underestimated, but not when it's gold-tier.
  • Rampage LMG: Instantly reaches its full charge potential with gold attachments.





In summary, our Ultimate Guide to Ballistic in Apex Legends offers you the keys to mastering this complex Assault Legend. From understanding the depths of his rich backstory to leveraging his unique abilities and synergizing with the right squadmates, this guide serves as your roadmap to Apex domination. Whether you're looking to refine your skills with Ballistic's advanced weaponry or seeking the perfect Legends to complement his playstyle, you'll find the insights and tips you need right here. Step into the arena with Ballistic fully prepared, and become the Apex predator you were meant to be.


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