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How to Check Ranked Leaderboards in Apex Legends

How to Check Ranked Leaderboards in Apex Legends
Written by: iamharoongill

In the epic world of Apex Legends, where each match is a blend of strategy, skill, and a dash of luck, players often wonder, "How do I stack up against the best?" It's a natural question, driven by the competitive spirit that battle royales so expertly ignite. But while in-game showdowns can offer a glimpse of one's prowess, there's a broader arena to consider: the ranked leaderboards.


These leaderboards are the battlegrounds of statistics, where players can gauge their mettle against the global elite. Platforms like Apex Tracker have emerged as the compass for those navigating this competitive landscape. In this guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of checking ranked leaderboards in Apex Legends, ensuring you have the tools to benchmark your journey in the Apex arena.





Why Study Top Players in Apex Legends?


At first sight, watching someone else play might seem like a passive, perhaps even idle activity. But in truth, it's anything but. Observing top-tier gameplay, especially in a dynamic game like Apex Legends, offers profound insights. Witnessing the split-second decisions, positioning nuances, and team coordination of skilled players can serve as a masterclass in-game strategy and execution.





Furthermore, while individual practice is invaluable, there's a certain acceleration in the learning curve when one dives deep into professional gameplay. It's akin to reading a chapter from an expert's playbook, gaining insights that might take countless hours of solo play to discover. By watching and understanding these professionals, players can fast-track their development, absorbing strategies and techniques that can be transformative for their own gameplay.



The Need for Third-Party Stats Tracking Tools


In the bustling world of competitive gaming, tracking tools aren't just luxuries; they're necessities. Players, both casual and professional, rely heavily on data, metrics, and leaderboards to understand their performance, spot areas of improvement, and measure themselves against the competition. Yet, in Apex Legends, there's a conspicuous absence: the in-game Apex Predator tracker.


While many games seamlessly integrate robust tracking features, allowing players to access a wealth of information about their gameplay, Apex Legends has a notable gap in this area. This omission makes it challenging for players to assess their performance.



Third-party tracking tools. 


Third Party_stat_Tracking_Tools


These platforms, born out of necessity, have become the backbone of the Apex Legends community. It offers a treasure trove of data and insights the game does not provide. Such tools are more than just stop-gap measures; they enhance the gaming experience, making it richer and more informed. They bring value by filling informational voids, facilitating self-improvement, and fostering community engagement around shared metrics and achievements. One such example is the Apex Tracker.



Diving Deep into Apex Tracker's Features


Apex Tracker is a dedicated third-party tool that promises to bridge this gap, serving as a beacon for all those looking to chart the performances of Apex's elites. It's not just a leaderboard; it's a window into the world of top-tier Apex Legends gameplay.




Account Diversity


One of the standout features of Apex Tracker is its impressive account diversity. The tool casts a wide net, supporting a vast user base across multiple platforms - be it Origin, Xbox Live, or PlayStation Network. This inclusivity ensures that a majority of the Apex Legends community, regardless of their gaming platform, can benefit from the insights it offers.



Platform Limitations


Every tool has its limitations, and Apex Tracker is no exception. Currently, players who engage with Apex Legends via Steam or Nintendo Switch face a slight hiccup. They need to link through their Origin accounts to utilize the tool. It's a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things, but it's crucial for users to be aware of this nuance. However, there's hope on the horizon, as there are murmurs of direct support for these platforms in the near future.



Leaderboard Filtering




The real magic of Apex Tracker lies in its customizability. Players aren't just handed a one-size-fits-all leaderboard. Instead, they can filter and tailor the leaderboard views to suit their specific interests and needs. 


Whether you want to sift through rankings based on platform, specific ranks, chosen Legends, or even geographical regions, Apex Tracker offers that granularity. This flexibility empowers players to derive meaningful insights and truly understand where they stand in the vast Apex ecosystem.



Legend Meta Tracker




Apex Legends is as much about strategy and team coordination as it is about individual skill. The Legend Meta Tracker feature provides invaluable insights into the most popular and effective Legends in the game. It collates data on Legend usage rates and average kills per match, painting a comprehensive picture of the current game meta. By understanding which Legends are dominating the leaderboards and why, players can make informed choices in their games, selecting Legends that align with their personal playstyle and the broader game trends.



Spotlight on Top Apex Legends Players


It's one thing to hear about high-level gameplay but quite another to witness it firsthand. The upper echelons of Apex Legends are graced by players whose skills, strategies, and in-game decision-making are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Among these elite players, one name frequently pops up: E8 Zachmazer.





E8 Zachmazer: The current leader of the leaderboard chart


E8 Zachmazer is not just a name; he's a phenomenon in the Apex Legends universe. Holding the esteemed No.1 spot on the leaderboard, he is the embodiment of dedication, skill, and strategic mastery. With a staggering rank score of 43,972, Zachmazer has showcased consistency and prowess in the battle royale arenas that few can rival. Further solidifying his elite status, he's achieved a level of 1076, a testament to his countless hours and relentless pursuit of excellence in the game. For players seeking inspiration or a benchmark, E8 Zachmazer stands as the gold standard, the epitome of what one can achieve in Apex Legends.





As the world of Apex Legends continues to evolve, so does the need for players to stay informed, learn, and adapt. While the game offers thrills and spills aplenty, the absence of built-in robust tracking tools leaves a gap. This void is seamlessly filled by third-party trackers like Apex Tracker, platforms that enhance the gaming experience by providing deep, meaningful insights.


To elevate your Apex Legends journey, it's not just about playing; it's about understanding, learning, and growing. And tools like Apex Tracker are instrumental in this endeavor. So, dive in, explore, and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of top-tier Apex Legends gameplay. Let platforms like Apex Tracker guide you, and let the streams of players like Zachmazer inspire you. 


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