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15 Expert Apex Legends Tips to Get You Ready for Battle

15 Expert Apex Legends Tips to Get You Ready for Battle
Written by: iamharoongill

Apex Legends has swiftly become a staple in the Battle Royale genre, combining thrilling combat mechanics with intricate teamwork. As a game that’s easy to pick up but difficult to master, it’s crucial to dig beneath the surface if you want to secure those coveted wins. Whether you're a newcomer eager to step up your game or a seasoned player looking to refine your skills, understanding the finer nuances can make all the difference between an early exit and emerging as the last squad standing.


In today's blog post, we're diving deep into 15 expert tips that can transform your gameplay. These strategies are designed to cover everything from the essential basics to advanced combat tactics and even include advice on optimal game settings. So gear up, Legend—it's time to elevate your game and become a champion of the Apex arena.




15 Tips and Tricks to To Know When Playing Apex Legends






Master the basics


Utilize Character Abilities


One of the standout features of Apex Legends is the range of unique abilities that each Legend possesses. These abilities aren't just bells and whistles; they can profoundly impact the tide of battle when used effectively. However, it's easy to get so wrapped up in the fast-paced shooting action that you forget to make full use of these game-changing skills.





Start by consciously integrating your Legend's abilities into your gameplay. If you're playing Bloodhound, use your scans to give your squad vital information about enemy positions. If you’re Wraith, your portals and invincibility can provide invaluable escapes or tactical advantages. Each fight presents an opportunity to use at least one of your abilities to benefit your squad. Over time, you'll begin to see which situations call for which skills, sharpening your overall gameplay and making you an asset to your team.



Go Back to Training


Many players dismiss the tutorial and firing range as something you do once and then forget. But these training environments offer valuable opportunities to sharpen your skills away from the chaos of an actual match. You can test out new Legends, master difficult shots, or get a feel for various weapons and their attachments without the pressure of live combat.




Spend some time getting accustomed to each piece of hardware and practice your aim and recoil control. You can also invite squadmates to the firing range to practice team-based maneuvers. Returning to the firing range periodically can help you hone your gameplay mechanics and discover new techniques, all of which can contribute to making you a more skilled player.



Understand Your Legend and Others


In Apex Legends, each character—or Legend—has a unique set of abilities that lend themselves to particular roles and strategies. While it's natural to have a favorite Legend, understanding the abilities and synergies of all the available characters can make you a more versatile player. Knowing how to adapt your playstyle to fit your chosen Legend's strengths and weaknesses is essential, but equally important is understanding how your abilities can interact with or counter those of your teammates and opponents.




For instance, a squad with a Gibraltar can offer defensive strengths, while adding a Lifeline could enhance the team's overall sustainability. On the flip side, being aware of enemy abilities allows you to predict their moves and counter them effectively. If you're up against a Caustic, for example, being extra cautious around enclosed spaces can save your squad from a toxic demise.


By taking the time to get the fundamentals right, you lay a solid foundation upon which you can build more advanced strategies and tactics. Mastering the basics is your first step towards becoming a true Apex Legend.



Optimize Your Settings


Fine-tuning your settings can significantly affect your performance in Apex Legends. While the default settings may be serviceable, making some key adjustments can provide you with a competitive edge. Here, we'll focus on two essential aspects that can greatly impact your gameplay: Field of View (FOV) and control configuration.



Field of View (FOV)


The Field of View, or FOV, is essentially how much of the game world you can see on your screen. A narrow FOV may focus you into a tunnel vision-like state, which can make it easier to target enemies directly in front of you. However, this comes at the expense of peripheral vision, which is vital for spotting incoming threats or valuable loot lying around.




Many seasoned players recommend setting your FOV to around 110. This setting allows for a broader visual range, making you more aware of your surroundings. If 110 feels too overwhelming, you can start at 90 and make incremental adjustments as you get used to the wider scope. A higher FOV can also make your movement feel quicker, adding a new layer of fluidity to your gameplay. However, be cautious, as some players find that a wider FOV can slightly affect their aim or even induce motion sickness. It's all about finding the sweet spot that works for you.



Reconfigure Controls


The way your controls are set up can dramatically influence your in-game agility and response time. One common setup change that players make involves adopting the 'Button Puncher' controller layout. This configuration swaps the crouch and melee buttons, usually assigning the crouch to the right analog stick. This might sound trivial, but it can make a big difference in a fast-paced game like Apex Legends.




By using the 'Button Puncher' setup, you can slide and duck without ever having to move your thumb away from the movement controls. This small change allows you to maneuver through the map with increased fluidity, enabling you to dodge bullets and slide into cover with ease. Reconfiguring your controls in this way makes it easier to carry out complex movements without fumbling over your controller or keyboard, thus elevating your gameplay.


By fine-tuning your FOV and control settings, you're not just making minor adjustments; you're enhancing your overall gameplay experience. These optimized settings can lead to more victories and a deeper appreciation of the intricate mechanics that make Apex Legends so captivating.



Entering the Battlefield


Choosing where and when to drop into the Apex Arena is a strategic decision that can significantly influence the outcome of your game. Let's explore the pros and cons of two different approaches: the early drop and the late drop.



Be an Early Bird


For those who thrive in chaos, dropping early into zones buzzing with activity can be incredibly rewarding. Landing in hot zones or high-tier loot areas may seem like a perilous gamble, but it offers a fast track to honing your combat skills.


Jumping into the thick of the action not only acclimates you to high-pressure scenarios but also increases your chances of finding premium gear early on. Sure, it's riskier, but if you can survive the initial wave of combat, you'll likely be better armed and more experienced than squads who opted for quieter drop locations.



The Late Drop


On the flip side, if your playstyle leans more towards caution and strategy, a late drop may be more your speed. By choosing a distant, less-populated area to land, you'll have the luxury of looting at a leisurely pace and planning your moves without immediate pressure. The key to maximizing this strategy is to nosedive during your descent, enabling you to travel greater distances away from the dropship's path. Although you might not get into the action as quickly, this approach allows you to take stock, plan, and prepare for the battles that inevitably lie ahead.


Combat Strategies


Succeeding in the Apex Arena isn't solely about who has the better aim; it's also about employing effective combat strategies. Knowing when to swap weapons, how to engage in long-range battles, the importance of team communication, seizing opportune moments, and the art of quick armor switching can make the difference between losing a fight and wiping a squad. Let's dive into each of these combat tactics.



Opt for Quick Swaps




In Apex Legends, time is of the essence, especially when you're in a gunfight. Reloading may only take a few seconds, but those seconds could cost you the game. A quick weapon swap can often be the better option. Always be aware of the state of both your primary and secondary weapons; if your primary is out of ammo or if reloading would take too long, switch to your secondary weapon immediately. This quick shift could give you the upper hand, allowing you to continue firing while your opponent is stuck reloading.



Fighting from Afar


Long-range engagements come with their own set of challenges and strategies. While it's tempting to open fire as soon as you spot an enemy, it's often wiser to position yourself advantageously before taking your shots. High ground usually provides a superior vantage point and makes it harder for enemies to return fire effectively. Also, try to focus fire on a single enemy to quickly take one opponent out of the equation. The key here is patience and precision rather than the spray-and-pray tactic.



Team Communication




Apex Legends is a team-based game, and efficient communication can often tip the scales in your favor. Whether you're using voice chat or the game's contextual ping system, make sure to relay critical information to your squadmates. Spotted an enemy sniper? Ping their location. About to engage in combat? Let your team know so they can prepare or back you up. Even a simple heads-up can enable your team to react appropriately, making it far easier to secure a win.



Opportune Moments


Listening and awareness are crucial in Apex Legends. If you hear gunshots nearby, it often means two squads are engaged in a battle. Waiting for the right moment to intervene can be a game-changer. Listen carefully, and once you think one squad has taken the other out, make your move. They're likely to be weakened, low on resources, and in the process of looting or healing, making them easy targets for your fully prepared squad.



Quick Armor Switch




One of the most underutilized but effective strategies is quick armor switching. During combat, instead of taking the time-consuming route of using a shield battery to restore armor, you can quickly swap to a new armor from a death box. It not only gets you back into the fight almost instantaneously but also has the added advantage of leaving your damaged armor in the death box. If an enemy tries to swap armor from the same box, they'll end up equipping your damaged gear, giving you yet another edge in the battle.



End Game


As the saying goes, "It's not over until it's over," and this rings especially true in Apex Legends. As the ring tightens and the number of squads dwindles, your strategy must shift to adapt to the intense, fast-paced endgame scenarios. Here's how you can effectively seal the deal for that coveted victory.



Pick Your Final Stand


Once you've made it to the closing stages of the match, with only a few teams left, choosing the right location for your final showdown becomes critical. Take a close look at your mini-map and use the ping system to scout and agree upon favorable locations with your teammates.


Anticipating the movement and position of the remaining squads can provide invaluable insights. This is the moment you've been hoarding those ultimate abilities for. Whether it's raining down explosives, filling the air with noxious gas, or deploying your best defensive measures, now is the time to pull out all the stops and unleash havoc upon your adversaries.



Fists of Fury



In Apex Legends, the closing ring is not just a boundary; it's a weapon. The damage inflicted by the endgame ring is colossal, and even a momentary lapse can be lethal. A well-timed melee attack can send an enemy stumbling into the deadly confines of the closing ring. Never underestimate the raw, unbridled power of your fists to decisively tilt the balance in your favor at the last moment.



Last Legend standing


The temptation to bunker down in a seemingly secure spot can be strong, but beware—walls and buildings can quickly become traps when the ring is closing. You might have a fully loaded squad with top-tier loot, but if a solitary opponent has positioned themselves strategically as the ring closes, all your firepower won't save you. Their prime location can effortlessly turn the tide, snatching victory right from your grasp.


Incorporating these focused strategies into your endgame plan makes you not just a participant but a dominant force in the Apex Legends arena. Being adaptive, maintaining strong lines of communication, and displaying both preparation and quick thinking are key to turning endgame challenges into triumphant victories. Master these elements, and you'll find yourself part of the Champion Squad more often than not.


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