Bangalore Apex Legends - The Ultimate Guide to Become A Pro

Bangalore Apex Legends - The Ultimate Guide to Become A Pro
Written by: iamharoongill

Since the launch of Apex Legends, Bangalore has been a staple pick for newcomers and seasoned players alike. Equipped with an intuitive and versatile skill set, she offers not just a beginner-friendly experience, but also a depth that can be explored by veterans of the game. If you've been underestimating this military expert, thinking she's just "easy to play," you're missing out on a whole arsenal of strategic possibilities.


In this comprehensive guide, we'll unpack everything there is to know about this formidable Legend. From her smokescreen abilities to her unparalleled agility, Bangalore is a force to be reckoned with. Whether you're new to the game or looking to up your existing Bangalore game, get ready to delve into the ultimate tips and tricks that will make you a master of the battlefield.





Who is Bangalore in Apex Legends?


Anita Williams, better known by her alias, Bangalore, is an elite military specialist hailing from the esteemed IMC Armed Forces. Raised in a family where military service was the norm, following in the footsteps of her brothers seemed like destiny. Excelling beyond expectations, she graduated at the top of her class from the IMC Military Academy, appearing to be on a fast track to an illustrious career.





However, fate had other plans. A mission that spiraled out of control stranded Bangalore far from home and without resources. Left with no other options, she entered the Apex Games. Her goal? To accumulate enough winnings to finance her journey back to the IMC Home Base and reunite with her loved ones.


When it comes to gameplay, Bangalore's military background is unmistakable. Her focus is on dealing devastating damage and staying alive during high-stakes shootouts. She is an ideal pick for those looking to be right in the heart of the action, commanding the battlefield with expertly executed strategies.



Bangalore's Abilities in Apex Legends


Understanding a Legend's abilities is crucial for mastering them, and Bangalore is no exception. Let’s break down her skillset to see why she's a fan-favorite among solo and team players.






Double Time – Passive


Bangalore's Passive ability, aptly named "Double Time," provides her with a short burst of speed when taking damage. It contrasts sharply with other Legends, who typically slow down when hit. Double Time is invaluable for quick getaways or to gain an edge in close-quarter combat. The boost is temporary, so make sure you find cover quickly to ensure your survival. This ability is a major draw for solo players who require the flexibility to maneuver without backup.



Smoke Launcher – Tactical


Bangalore’s Tactical ability, the "Smoke Launcher," is a game-changer. The high-velocity canisters create a wall of smoke upon impact, making this skill an exceptional tool for team mobility. As the play area tightens, these smoke screens become pivotal for safely relocating your team or reviving fallen comrades.


While the smoke screen is a potent advantage, it's also a double-edged sword. It obscures vision for enemies and your own team, so use it wisely. Moreover, always keep one canister in reserve for emergency scenarios like an unplanned retreat.



Rolling Thunder – Ultimate


Bangalore's Ultimate, "Rolling Thunder," unleashes an artillery barrage over a large area. Though its damage is significant, the stunning effect is arguably its most debilitating feature, effectively freezing enemies in their tracks. This ability is slower to deploy than other Ultimates, signaled by loud audio and visual cues that make it easier for enemies to dodge.


Therefore, it's best used as an area-control tool rather than for direct damage. When deploying Rolling Thunder, aim the flare between you and the enemy—never directly at them—to ensure optimal impact. Be cautious: While teammates won’t take damage from Rolling Thunder, they can still be stunned by it. Obviously, this outdoor-focused Ultimate won’t work indoors or in confined spaces where the sky isn't visible.


Armed with these insights, you're now better prepared to maximize Bangalore’s capabilities, whether you’re playing solo or as part of a squad.



Why Bangalore Stands Out in Apex Legends




While primarily classified as an "offensive" Legend, Bangalore's utility extends far beyond that. She boasts capabilities that are as effective for defense and repositioning as they are for an aggressive playstyle. Whether your team is hyper-aggressive or prefers a more strategic, laid-back approach, Bangalore is a versatile asset to any Apex squad.





  • Swift Reaction: Her Passive ability, which boosts her movement speed by 30% when taking fire, is perfect for dodging bullets and quick repositioning.
  • Master of Misdirection: Her Tactical smoke ability not only confuses the enemy but can also serve as an effective distraction for various in-game strategies.
  • Intimidating Arsenal: Her Ultimate, Rolling Thunder, can be used both to discourage enemy advances and to create openings for your team to capitalize on.





  • Easier Target: Her hitbox is relatively large compared to other Legends, making her somewhat easier to hit.
  • Predictable Ult: While powerful, Rolling Thunder is slow and easier to dodge unless deployed in a crowded or high-pressure situation.


Whether you're a newcomer looking for a beginner-friendly Legend or you're grinding through the higher ranks, Bangalore offers something for everyone. Her abilities are well-suited for solo and team play, making her a universally effective choice. As of Season 13, she may only have a 5% pick rate, but those who do choose her often find themselves with a formidable asset.



Tips and Strategies




Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of Bangalore's unique abilities, let's lay down some overarching strategies and nuggets of wisdom to keep in mind while navigating the Apex Games as this military expert:


  1. Embrace Aggression: With her Passive and Tactical abilities designed for quick evasion, Bangalore encourages you to be aggressive. These abilities provide a safety net, enabling you to initiate and end fights rapidly.
  2. Choose Your Weapons Wisely: Given her penchant for close-quarters combat, opting for a Shotgun or SMG is advisable. Weapons like the R-99 or Peacekeeper align well with her aggressive playstyle, letting you eliminate foes swiftly when up close.
  3. Know When to Fall Back: Despite her aggressive toolkit, Bangalore excels at making tactical retreats. Her Passive and Tactical abilities can be lifesavers when needing to disengage, and her Ultimate can create a significant gap between you and your opponents.
  4. Smoke, Smoke, and More Smoke: The smoke canisters in her Tactical ability are incredibly versatile. Utilize them for various purposes—whether it's looting, reviving teammates, going on the offensive, or holding a defensive line. The bottom line is, don't hesitate to deploy those smokes.
  5. Team Communication is Crucial: Bangalore’s abilities have the potential to be game-changers, but misuse can also hinder your team. Always keep the lines of communication open, particularly when you're about to deploy her Tactical or Ultimate abilities in the heat of battle.
  6. An Educational Legend: For those new to Apex Legends, Bangalore offers an added educational layer. When you ping weapons, she frequently offers tips on their usage and effective range. Though this can get repetitive for seasoned players, newcomers might find it helpful for getting to know the arsenal available in the game.


Now that you have these general guidelines at your fingertips, you're well on your way to mastering Bangalore and dominating the Apex Games.





Bangalore is a formidable Legend whose utility spans both offensive and defensive playstyles, making her a versatile choice for any Apex Legends player—be it a solo enthusiast or a team strategist. Her well-rounded abilities, from the quick-footed "Double Time" to the strategic "Smoke Launcher" and the area-controlling "Rolling Thunder," offer layers of depth that can adapt to various game scenarios.


Whether you're a novice looking for a beginner-friendly option or an experienced player aiming to diversify your skillset, Bangalore provides a comprehensive kit that caters to a wide range of tactical approaches. So gear up, communicate with your squad, and deploy those abilities wisely to dominate the battlefield and come out as an Apex Champion!


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