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How to Fix Apex Legends Packet Loss

How to Fix Apex Legends Packet Loss
Written by: Mohsin

Packet Loss may just be the most annoying issue in Apex Legends. It can happen because of a variety of reasons like Laggy Internet, Faulty Hardware, or Server Issues. Apex Legends will show you the packet loss on each server in the server select screen as a percentage. You can also see the real-time packet loss in the game by going into Settings, under the Gameplay tab, and turning on the Performance Display to show you the FPS, Ping, and Packet Loss.

When the Packet Loss increases too much, it can cause issues like Rubberbanding and the game feeling unresponsive. You might even get disconnected from the game sometimes which may lead to bans and penalties in Ranked Games. Here are some ways to fix Packet Loss in Apex Legends:




What is Packet Loss

When data is transferred on the Internet, it is divided into small pieces before its sent. These pieces are called “Packets”. Sometimes, due to various reasons, some of these Packets may get lost during data transfer. This is called Packet Loss. When it happens, the receiver doesn’t receive the complete information and the data received may be incomplete.



How to Fix Packet Loss in Apex Legends


Restart Your PC

The best solution is the simplest one. Sometimes your PC components like your Hard Disk can be having issues and causing packet loss in the game. This is why you should try restarting your PC to see if it might fix your Packet Loss issue in Apex Legends.





Use an Ethernet Cable

If you are using wireless connectivity to connect to the Internet on your PC, you should try switching to a wired connection instead. This will make your connection more stable which means you will experience much less packet loss. This might even improve your ping.




Check Your Internet Usage

If you are facing Packet Loss, you should try minimizing your game and checking the Internet Usage. Open up Task Manager and go to the Performance tab and click on Ethernet. Here you can see if your internet is being utilized in the background by any apps or downloads. 





Choose a Different Server in Apex Legends

In some rare cases, the server you are playing on might be unstable and may be causing Packet Loss in-game. This is why you should try and play on another server to check if you are getting the same Packet Loss on other servers. If your game runs fine, then it means that the server you were playing on was the fault.






Use Cloudflare VPN

Lastly, if none of the above solutions work for you, then the last resort that usually works for most players is using a good VPN. This shortens the route your data has to travel and establishes a more stable connection between your game and the server. This is sure to fix your Packet Loss in Apex Legends.




If even this doesn’t fix your Packet Loss issue in Apex Legends, then you should contact your ISP and ask them for assistance.

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