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How to use the Rampage in Apex Legends

How to use the Rampage in Apex Legends
Written by: iamharoongill

In the adrenaline-fueled arenas of Apex Legends, adaptability isn't just an advantage – it's a necessity. With every new season comes the thrill of new Legends, fresh map updates, and game-changing weapons that can turn the tide of any match. Enter the Rampage, the latest addition to the game's diverse arsenal.


This weapon is not just another gun; it's a statement, a challenge, and, if used correctly, a surefire path to victory. Whether you're a seasoned player or a novice, understanding the nuances and capabilities of the Rampage can give you an edge in the fierce battles of the Outlands. In this post, we'll delve deep into the intricacies of this powerful LMG, providing tips and tactics to maximize its potential. Buckle up, Legends; it's time to unleash the Rampage!




Rampage LMG in Apex Legends


Apex Legends offers a vast arsenal of weapons, each with its unique attributes and playstyles. Among them, the Rampage LMG has swiftly cemented its place as a formidable contender. Let's dive into its core features:




  • Damage Output: One of the standout features of the Rampage is its consistent damage delivery. With 28 damage per hit at every range, it ensures that players can confidently engage adversaries whether they're close or at a distance.
  • Ammo Capacity: The Rampage boasts a clip that holds 28 bullets, providing players with a substantial amount of ammo to remain in combat. It eliminates the frequent interruptions of reloading, especially during heated exchanges.
  • Control Dynamics: Novices and veterans alike will appreciate the Rampage’s user-friendly recoil pattern. Its easy-to-control recoil allows for precision, ensuring that you can focus on strategy rather than constantly adjusting your aim.
  • Fire Rate: The Rampage has a catch, though: its relatively low firing speed. Players need to be mindful of this attribute, especially in close-quarters combat, where rapid fire can be a decisive factor.


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Strategic Positioning with the Rampage


The Rampage, while powerful, demands strategic positioning to fully harness its potential:




  • Importance of Positioning: Due to its slower fire rate, ensuring you're in the right place at the right time is crucial. It’s not just about shooting; it’s about anticipating where your enemy will be and positioning yourself accordingly.
  • Best Areas on the Map: The Rampage thrives in mid to long-range engagements. High vantage points or areas with long sightlines, like sniper nests or open fields, can be ideal. Its consistent damage across all ranges means enemies can't easily escape your crosshairs.
  • Playing Defensively vs. Aggressively: The Rampage offers flexibility in approach. Defensively, its large ammo capacity allows you to hold down choke points and fend off multiple enemies. On the aggressive front, its reliable damage can be a boon during flanking maneuvers or suppressing fire. However, players must be wary of its firing speed when getting up close and personal.



Synergy with Thermite Grenades


The Apex universe is all about clever mechanics and synergies, and the relationship between the Rampage and thermite grenades epitomizes this ethos. To truly tap into the Rampage's latent power, understanding its synergy with thermite grenades is key.




Thermite grenades, on their own, serve as effective area denial tools, forcing enemies out of cover or causing sustained damage over time. However, when combined with the Rampage, they supercharge the weapon's fire rate, mitigating its primary drawback. To achieve this, players can "overload" the Rampage by using a thermite grenade on it. This temporary boost not only intensifies the weapon's damage output but also offers a psychological edge, as opponents are often caught off-guard by the sudden surge in firepower.


The best moments to employ this combination are situational. It's perfect when preparing for an anticipated squad push, holding down a fortified position, or when you need a rapid damage burst to break enemy defenses. The thermite boost can also act as a game-changer in the final circles, where split-second decisions often dictate the outcome.



Team Play and Rampage


In Apex Legends, individual prowess is essential, but team dynamics often determine the victors. The Rampage, with its distinct attributes, fits seamlessly into various team compositions.


When pairing the Rampage with specific Legends' abilities, consider those that can control enemy movements or provide intel. For instance, Wattson's fences or Caustic's gas traps can slow down opponents, making them easy targets for the Rampage's consistent damage. Bloodhound’s scanning ability can provide the necessary intel to pre-emptively boost the Rampage with a thermite grenade, anticipating enemy pushes.




In terms of team compositions, the Rampage thrives when paired with Legends that can either amplify its strengths or compensate for its weaknesses. Gibraltar, with his Dome Shield, can offer the Rampage user the time needed to use a thermite grenade for boosting, while Bangalore's smoke can obscure vision, allowing Rampage wielders to reposition or get closer to enemies despite the weapon's slower natural fire rate.



Advanced Tips and Tricks for the Rampage LMG


The Rampage, while user-friendly at a basic level, offers a wealth of depth for those willing to delve deeper. To truly master this weapon, one must embrace a few advanced techniques:


  • Quick Reloading Techniques: One of the common pitfalls many players face is being caught in the act of reloading. With the Rampage, there's a slight workaround. By double-tapping the reload button just as the reload animation starts, players can cancel the animation but still get a fresh magazine. This "reload canceling" can shave precious moments off your downtime, keeping you combat-ready.
  • Predicting Enemy Movement: Given its lower fire rate, ensuring your shots land is paramount with the Rampage. To do this, players need to predict enemy movement. It means leading your shots, especially at a distance, and anticipating common player behaviors, such as strafing patterns or the instinct to retreat when heavily damaged.
  • Using the Environment: The Rampage shines when you can control the engagement's terms. Using natural choke points, doorways, or high-ground advantage can ensure you get the most out of each clip. Additionally, tight spaces amplify the weapon's threat, making it harder for enemies to dodge its consistent damage.



Comparing Rampage with Other LMGs




When it comes to light machine guns in Apex Legends, each has its niche. Understanding how the Rampage stacks up can be pivotal in weapon selection:

  • Strengths and Weaknesses: The Rampage boasts a fantastic damage output at all ranges and a unique synergy with thermite grenades. However, its slower fire rate can be a deterrent in close-quarters combat compared to other LMGs like the Devotion or Spitfire. Its easy recoil control, though, offers a more newbie-friendly experience than the often erratic patterns of its counterparts.
  • Situational Assessments: The choice of weapon often hinges on the situation at hand. In mid to long-range encounters, or when prepping for a defensive stand, the Rampage can be the go-to LMG. However, in close-quarter skirmishes or fast-paced aggressive plays, the rapid-fire rate of a Devotion, especially when turbocharged, or the larger magazine of the Spitfire might be more suitable.





In the ever-shifting landscape of Apex Legends, the Rampage LMG stands as a beacon of both power and adaptability. Its unique attributes, from consistent damage output across ranges to its innovative synergy with thermite grenades, make it a weapon worthy of mastery. However, as with all tools in the Outlands, true prowess comes not just from understanding its mechanics, but from strategically integrating it into the broader tapestry of team play, map dynamics, and situational awareness. 


As Legends, we're constantly challenged to adapt and evolve, and with the Rampage in our arsenal, we're not just equipped to face the battles ahead – we're primed to dominate them. Embrace the Rampage, harness its strengths, and let every shot echo your legend in the arenas!


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