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Top 5 Rarest Lifeline skins in Apex Legends

Top 5 Rarest Lifeline skins in Apex Legends
Written by: Mohsin

Skins are a way for game creators to monetize their games and generate income through micro-transactions. It is a very effective way since cosmetic items have been a huge part of many recent popular games like Valorant, CS:GO, Fortnite, and Apex Legends.

When Apex was newly released, the majority of skins in the game looked very basic, and most looked like recolors of the default skins. However, with the passage of time and the introduction of high-quality skins in the game, this isn’t the case anymore.


Lifeline is considered by most as the Legend in Apex Legends which has the best-looking skins. Many people even believe that lifeline has no bad skin at all, which may be a little exaggeration, but it is somewhat true.

From all of these cool-looking lifeline skins, we have compiled the rarest ones in the game. Some of these skins are so rare that you cannot obtain them if you don’t already own them since they were introduced during the holiday seasons or special events. And once those special events are gone, they’re gone…

You should keep an eye on the shop though because you never know.




The Rarest Lifeline Skins in Apex Legends

Here are some of the rarest Lifeline skins in Apex Legends:



Lifeline Bling



To start our list off we have “Lifeline Bling”. This skin was last released in March of 2019 which shows that it has been a very long time since it was seen in the game shop. Some may argue that it is one of her more “simple” skins but you cannot deny that it still looks really good. And what makes this skin even more valuable is how rare it is. A lot of players wish to buy this skin if it ever was to come back to the shop.



Pirate Queen 



Pirate Queen is a legendary Lifeline skin that was released during the Lost Treasures event in season 5. It was available to unlock through the limited-time Loot Boxes or through Apex coins. It is one of the cleanest Lifeline skins in Apex Legends. The combination of her outfit with makeup makes this skin look extremely beautiful. Even her arm tattoo has a nice and clean blue color which goes along perfectly with the color of her hair buns and bandana which she wears a little below her face.

All-in-all, this skin is incredibly well-made and those who don’t own it wish they bought it when it was released.



From The Ashes 



Battle passes in Apex Legend provide really cool-looking and often interactive skins. This is unlike any other game where the battle pass usually sucks and the actually good skins have to be purchased outside of the battle pass. The “From The Ashes” skin of the lifeline is also an example of this.

This skin was released in the season 3 Battle Pass of Apex Legends. It gives a complete Remake to the character of Lifeline and transforms her into a demon. With glowing orange eyes, horns coming out of her head, and lava flowing through her entire body, this skin really makes every Lifeline main want it.

Fortunately, there was a recolor of this skin released called “Hell Raiser” which looked even more Badass!







The Blossom Lifeline skin was released way back in the Voidwalker event when it was released for the first time. It did not come out when the Voidwalker event came out for the second time. This one stands apart from the rest of the skins on our list because it is actually very rare.

As you can see it is not as good-looking compared to the other skins. In fact, it’s actually just a “Rare” (or Blue) skin. But the reason this skin made our list is the fact that it is so rare.



Judge Jury Executioner


lifeline judge jury 1024x637


The “Judge Jury Executioner” skin is the favorite skin of many Lifeline mains out there. It was released during the Iron Crown Collection Event which came out in August of 2019. Collection events usually bring the best skins in the whole game and this is no exception.

This skin completely changes the way Lifeline looks in Apex Legends to the point that you can’t even recognize that it’s our medic Lifeline. Her body is completely covered in a white armor-looking suit. This amour looks like it belongs to an Egyptian Pharoah. She daunts a white mask that completely covers her face and gives her a blank and unreadable expression. Even her hairstyle has completely changed from the usual Buns hairstyle.

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