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How To Fix Apex Legends Infinite Loading Screen

How To Fix Apex Legends Infinite Loading Screen
Written by: Mohsin

While Apex Legends is an amazing game and is played by millions every day, we can’t ignore the number of bugs it has. The game has become a lot better with updates over time but there was a time when it used to be filled with glitches. And unfortunately, some of those glitches still remain in the game to this day. One of these annoying bugs that can leave players scratching their heads is the Infinite Loading Screen issue. 

Imagine you get home after a tiring day and finally want to have some rest and enjoy a few games of Apex. You turn on your pc and open the game. You select your server and wait for the game to load up. Then you wait some more but the game doesn’t load…


Then it hits you that the dreaded has happened to you. You are stuck in an Infinite Loading Screen bug! This can be really annoying and throw you off your mood to play the game entirely. But don’t worry as there are some common fixes you can try for this before you start throwing a tantrum.



Solutions For Fixing Apex Legends Infinite Loading Screen

We, unfortunately, don’t have a guaranteed solution for the Infinite Loading Screen problem since we don’t know the root cause of the problem for certain. We can only make an assumption about it and try to solve it from there because the cause of the problem could be different in each case. So here are some solutions that are known to work:


  • Verify The Integrity of your Game - The most common solution and the one that works most effectively is to verify the Integrity of your Game Files. This will thoroughly analyze your game files and see if any files are corrupt or missing. If it finds such files, it will replace them by downloading the correct files from the server.




  • Make sure your Graphics Drivers and Windows are Up to Date - Older versions of Windows and outdated Graphics drivers can also cause Apex Legends to glitch out and get stuck on the loading screen forever. This is why you should install any updates that are available for your graphics drivers and Windows.


  • Run The Game as Administrator - If you are playing the game on PC, you should try running the game as an administrator. This will give the game more permissions in the system which might allow it to get past the Loading Screen.


  • Restart Your Internet Router - Often times restarting your internet router also helps get past the issue if it is Internet Related. This is because restarting the router refreshes your IP which may be causing this problem.


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  • Selecting a Different Server - There is a chance that your ISP might be having difficulty communicating with the server you selected in Apex. Or maybe the server is down. This is why changing the server would be a good idea. You may get a slightly worse ping, but at least you’ll be able to play the game.


  • Reinstall Apex Legends - If all the above solutions fail to solve your problem, your last resort should be to Uninstall the game and download it again. If you are using Origin to download Apex Legends you should instead try Steam which may solve the issue of Infinite Loading Screen in Apex Legends.
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