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The Most Iconic Apex Legends Map Locations and Landmarks

The Most Iconic Apex Legends Map Locations and Landmarks
Written by: TheQalamkar

Knowing where to drop in Apex Legends is just as important as knowing how to shoot. Unlike other battle royale games, you cannot find good loot just lying around on random patches of land. If you want to stay alive, you need to make sure that you land at the right spots so that you can pick up the best guns right away.


Furthermore, every map in Apex Legends houses landmarks as well, which are both fun to explore and relevant to the lore of the game.


One important thing to know about Apex Legends is that it’s always changing. Whether it’s the maps, the guns, the abilities, or the legends themselves - everything is constantly being balanced and tweaked in order to enhance the player’s experience. Thus, anything that you knew months ago may not be applicable to the game today.


Don’t worry, we’re here to help with a list of the most iconic map locations and landmarks in Apex Legends that you can land on in this season. Let’s get started!





Most Iconic Apex Legends Map Locations and Landmarks


What makes a location in Apex Legends iconic is certainly debatable because everyone has different preferences. However, it’s hard to argue against good loot and a great view. And based on that, here are our favorites.


Since the map rotation is always changing, please keep in mind that a certain map or location mentioned here may not be available on a specific day.



Survey Camp – World’s Edge


Survey Camp is a great spot to drop into for numerous reasons. First of all, it’s right between Skyhook and Climatizer – both of which are some of the best spots on this map. Secondly, the loot that you are surrounded by here is immaculate and this puts you at a great advantage against your enemies.




Once you survive the first wave of enemies and have enough weapons to use, you can either go to the Jump Tower area or rotate to some other part of the map.



Elysium – Olympus


Elysium may just be a small piece of the Olympus map, but don’t let that fool you. It’s one of the best places on the map that you can drop by, and it’s connected by two ziplines, which lets you easily navigate through it too. The middle area contains pretty good loot and there is always a nice gold or purple item for the player to find.




Furthermore, you will either be alone there or against other players – based on whether or not someone else had the same idea. And both of these outcomes are worth the trouble. If you are alone, you can loot and leave in peace. And if there are other players, then you can engage in a chaotic fist fight since the area is so small that no one can shoot from miles away.



Eternal Gardens – Broken Moon


Eternal Gardens is one of the most iconic locations in Apex Legends because it has enough loot for multiple teams to pick up. You can find bins, interiors, replicators, and stray loot as well. As soon as you drop here, you can get geared up and either fight others or make a run for it.




What makes things even better is that you can easily exit this area whenever you want. There are zip rails all over and it’s also next to other useful spots on the map. So, there’s hardly ever a dull moment for players who find themselves here.



Checkpoint – Storm Point


First of all, the Checkpoint is a gorgeous little spot with mutated flowers surrounding it, lots of greenery, and good vantage points too for those who manage to climb up. Secondly, this is a famous POI that contains an amazing amount of loot that multiple teams can benefit from. And since people always land here, you can easily get into fights too if you want.




As usual, you don’t have to be forced to fight anyone. You can easily run away by using the trees as a way to hide from enemies, and then the ziplines in the area will help you escape.



Downed Beast – Storm Point


Just to the left of this area is the Downed Beast landmark, which you can visit for decent loot and sightseeing. It’s relevant both to the lore of the game and is pretty cool overall to look at, so if you end up on this map, it’s always a good idea to check it out.





Kings Canyon


The entire map of Kings Canyon is nothing short of a landmark for Apex Legends. It’s filled with iconic spots that give us an insight into the creatures of the game, such as Leviathans, Bin Spiders, and Flyers. This is not the only map with wildlife, but this is the one that you always think about when it comes to seeing giant dinosaur-like creatures.




That is not to say that this map is only for sightseeing, of course. Areas like Caustic Treatment, Crash Site, Crypto’s Map Room, And High Desert are pretty good for looting. And most players visit those sites at least once in a match, so you’ll always find someone to shoot at too if you want.


And the map also feels very spacious, so if you’re a player who likes to roam around then this is for you. Which does mean that if you’re a fan of close-quarter combat, then you will be better off going to a different map. But one way or another, it’s worth it for the view alone.




That’s a wrap on our list of Apex Legend’s most iconic map locations and landmarks. We hope that you like these spots just as much as we do. And we’d love to hear about what you feel that we should’ve included but left out too!


While you’re still browsing Esports Driven, make sure to check out many of our other helpful Apex Legends guides as well.

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