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What Happened to Kings Canyon And Is It Coming Back To Apex Legends?

What Happened to Kings Canyon And Is It Coming Back To Apex Legends?
Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment
Written by: Knightmare

Apex Legends features many maps, and some of them are more likable than others. One of these maps is Kings Canyon. However, Respawn has removed Kings Canyon from its main circuit in favor of new maps. 


Kings Canyon is quite a popular map in Apex Legends. It was the very first map to be released in Apex Legends, as it was released alongside the game. So it is understandable why people have a certain attachment to this map.



So today, we will discuss the fate and future of Kings Canyon. We will also discuss whether Kings Canyon is returning to Apex Legends. 


Why Was Kings Canyon Removed From Apex Legends?


apex legends kings canyon relic poi e1659373828321


While it isn’t obvious why Kings Canyon was removed, we can assume that it was removed in favor of the new map. But why Kings Canyon? Well, the answer to that could be that Kings Canyon has been in the game for a long time since it was Apex’s first map.


So for the sake of diversity, Apex Legends decided to remove it in favor of the new map. Regular players and professional Apex players have mixed feelings regarding this removal. Kings Canyon wasn’t the only map that has been removed. Storm Point has also been vaulted.


The map’s removal has prompted many Apex players to wonder when Kings Canyon will come back to Apex Legends. 



Will Kings Cayon Come Back?


It is safe to say that Kings Canyon will eventually make its way back to Apex Legends. The map has been removed previously and eventually made its way back.


If you’re wondering when Kings Canyon is returning to Apex Legends, you might be delighted to hear that it will likely be playable next season. However, there’s quite a long wait before Apex Legends’ next season is released.



The next season is set to release in February 2023, so gamers must wait a long time before returning to the fan-favorite map.



New Apex Legends Map


Apex Legends Broken Moon


As mentioned, Respawn has released a brand new map for Apex Legends, and fans are extremely excited about it. This map is called Broken Moon. This map has been well-received by fans due to its fast-paced nature. 


Broken Moon features a really beautiful skybox alongside some eye-catching scenery which is another reason behind its popularity. Olympus, Broken Moon, and Worlds Edge are the current playable maps in Apex Legends.





We hope this guide answers all your questions regarding Kings Canyon and whether it is returning to Apex Legends. Also, make sure to check our Apex Legends guides to learn about the best landing spots on Apex Legends.

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