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How To Host Private Matches in Apex Legends

How To Host Private Matches in Apex Legends
Written by: iamharoongill

Apex Legends, the ever-evolving Battle Royale that has taken the gaming community by storm, isn't just a standard shooter. With its rich lore, dynamic characters, and relentless action, the game offers opportunities for all types of players to showcase their skills. One such feature that has gained prominence among players is the ability to host private matches. This tool, commonly known as 'custom lobbies,' is not only the backbone for major competitive events but also the canvas for creative minds in the Apex community.


Tournament organizers often use these custom lobbies to set up exclusive matches where only invited teams can dive into the action. But don't be mistaken; this feature isn't reserved solely for the pros. Ever tuned into your favorite streamer's channel and found them orchestrating a one-of-a-kind Apex event? Or perhaps you've come across content creators brainstorming unique ways to experience the game? All of these are made possible with custom lobbies.


The allure of private matches in Apex Legends extends far beyond organized tournaments. Professional players, in a quest to perfect their strategies, often find solace in these custom games. Here, they can freely explore the map, trying out unconventional routes or honing their movement skills without the pressure of a regular match. On the other hand, grassroots competitions are sprouting everywhere, allowing amateurs and enthusiasts alike to compete in their own structured battles.


So, if you've ever fancied the idea of creating your own custom lobby – be it to simulate high-pressure tournament scenarios, host a fun game night with friends, or experiment with the vast landscape of the Outlands – you're in for a treat. Dive in with us as we unravel the steps and possibilities of creating your personal Apex Legends experience.




How many players are required to make a Private Match in Apex Legends?


Creating a private match in Apex Legends can be a thrilling experience, especially when you gather your friends or teammates for some custom game action. However, it's necessary to know the minimum player requirement for each mode to ensure smooth gameplay. Below, we've detailed the number of players you'd need for different game modes:




  • Battle Royale: To immerse yourself in a private Battle Royale session, ensure you have at least 30 players ready to jump into the action.
  • Team Deathmatch: Gear up with 12 players in your session to kick off the adrenaline-pumping Team Deathmatch.
  • Control Mode: A more strategic and tactical mode, Control requires you to have a total of six players to start your private session.
  • Gun Run: Similar to Control, gather a minimum of six players to navigate the exciting challenges of Gun Run in a private match.


Remember, while these are the minimum requirements, having a full lobby can make the experience even more authentic and challenging. So rally your squad, choose your mode, and dive into the world of private matches in Apex Legends!



How to Make a Private Match in Apex Legends


Are you looking to create a more exclusive gaming experience with friends, or want to set up a custom match with your own rules? Hosting a private match in Apex Legends lets you have that control. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create your personalized Apex showdown:





Enter the Private Match screen


  • Navigate to the 'Modes' option located at the bottom left of your screen. This is where you typically switch between the main game modes like Battle Royale, Arenas, and Ranked.
  • Once there, scan the top bar for the 'Private Match' option. If this isn’t visible, consider updating your Apex Legends game to the latest version.
  • Important: Ensure Cross-Play is enabled to utilize the private match feature.
  • Click 'Private Match' and proceed by selecting 'Create a Match.'



Invite other players to your Private Match 


  • After initiating the match creation, you'll need to invite fellow players. Remember, solo private matches aren't an option.
  • On your private match 'Lobby' screen, a discreet 'Join Code: ******' can be found in the top right.
  • To share the code, click 'Reveal' next to the obscured section. Distribute this code to those you'd like to join.



Decide your mode and settings 


  • In the private match menu, click the 'Settings' tab situated at the top.
  • Here, you have the freedom to pick your game mode, be it Battle Royale or Arenas. Your choice dictates the map options.
  • Furthermore, customize your game with various settings:


    • Chat Options: Control the in-match communication.
    • Rename Teams: Activate this to let players customize their team names.
    • Self-Assign Teams: Decide whether players choose their teams or you assign them.
    • Aim Assist: Choose to enable or disable aim assistance.
    • Anonymous Mode: Activate to keep player names hidden during the game.


  • Once satisfied with your configurations, hit 'Apply' to lock them in. You're then ready for team assignments (unless you've activated Self-Assign).



Assign teams and start the match


  • Access the 'Lobby' tab. Here, you'll find a list of participants and team boxes.
  • If Self-Assign is disabled, you'll manually assign players. To do so, click on a player's name from the list on the left, then drag and drop it into the desired team box.



Start your match


  • With teams set and settings fine-tuned, initiate your game. The option to start your match can be found at the bottom left corner of the lobby screen.


Private matches in Apex Legends allow for a versatile and customizable gaming experience. Whether you're hosting a friendly tournament or simply exploring new strategies with your squad, these matches offer a refreshing break from standard gameplay.



How to Join a Tournament Match in Apex Legends




Venturing into Apex Legends' tournaments or joining a private match brings a different level of excitement and competition to the game. To be part of such experiences, it's vital to know how to seamlessly enter these custom lobbies. With the right code in hand, here's a straightforward guide to joining in on the action:



1. Navigate to the Game Modes:

  • Begin by accessing the 'Modes' option, as mentioned previously. It's located at the bottom left of your main screen, the gateway to switch between standard game modes.


2. Access the Private Match Tab:

  • Once you're in the mode selection screen, direct your attention to the top bar, seeking out the 'Private Match' option. Click on this tab to reveal options associated with custom games.


3. Joining the Game:

  • Instead of opting to 'Create a Match,' which is ideal for hosts, you'll select the alternative: 'Join a Game.'
  • A bar or field will appear, prompting you to input a specific code. It is the unique identifier shared by the host or tournament organizer.
  • Enter the provided code accurately. Once inputted, you'll gain access to the custom lobby, putting you one step closer to diving into the custom gameplay or tournament.


Remember, the key to accessing these custom matches lies in the code. Ensure you receive the correct code from reliable sources, be it tournament organizers or friends hosting private matches. With these easy steps, you're well-equipped to join the competitive world of Apex Legends tournaments or the fun-filled environment of custom games.



Do I Get XP and Progression in Private Matches in Apex Legends?




For many players, progression and the hunt for experience points (XP) are crucial aspects of the gaming experience. It's a valid question to wonder whether engaging in private matches in Apex Legends would contribute to this progression.


Regrettably, Apex Legends does not grant XP or any form of progression when participating in private matches. This decision is presumably to maintain game balance and prevent potential exploitation of the system. After all, custom matches allow players to set their own rules, which could make it easier to farm XP in unintended ways.


So, if your primary motivation is to level up, earn rewards, or climb the ranks, public matches remain your best bet. They not only offer an authentic competitive environment but also ensure that your efforts and achievements are duly rewarded with XP and other progression metrics.


However, while private matches might not provide progression benefits, they are invaluable for practice, strategizing, or simply having a fun, customized match with friends.


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