Apex Legends Season 16 Map Rotation Changes Explained

Apex Legends Season 16 Map Rotation Changes Explained
Written by: Mohsin

Apex Legends, the popular battle royale game, has undergone significant alterations in its gameplay mechanics, introducing an entirely new Team Deathmatch mode and revamping the way Legend classes function.


Respawn Entertainment, the game's developers, have also implemented several minor tweaks to various game aspects, such as Legend buffs and nerfs, and have introduced remarkable modifications to the maps in the Season 16 rotation.



In addition to these changes, Respawn has drastically altered the map rotation system for Ranked mode in the game's 16th season. This article delves into the details of the new map rotation changes that players can expect in the upcoming season.



Apex Legends Season 16: Ranked Map Rotation Overhaul


The most significant change to map rotation in Season 16 of Apex Legends is the fact that 

The most noteworthy modification to the map rotation system in Apex Legends Season 16 is the introduction of a 24-hour rotation cycle for Ranked maps.


Long-time players will recall that, in previous seasons, Ranked maps would only change after the mid-season split. However, with the new system in place, players will no longer have to wait weeks to experience new maps in Ranked mode, as they will now be available on a daily basis.

Moreover, Ranked mode will now feature a total of three maps, as opposed to the previous two-map format. This change, which stems from the earlier Ranked format that only swapped maps once during the Ranked Split, brings greater variety to Ranked gameplay.


However, players aiming to improve their rank in Season 16 will need to adapt to the frequent map changes and become familiar with three different maps, as opposed to mastering a single map that would remain unchanged for weeks.



Apex Legends Season 16: Map Rotation Details


In Season 16, players can expect to see three maps in rotation, namely Storm Point, Broken Moon, and World's Edge. This applies to both public matches and Ranked modes. The main distinction between the two modes lies in the map rotation frequency.


Public match maps will continue to rotate approximately every hour, while Ranked maps, as previously mentioned, will now rotate every 24 hours.


This comprehensive overview of the map changes in Apex Legends Season 16 should provide players with a clear understanding of the new map rotation system and the challenges they will face as they navigate these exciting updates.

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