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Sea Treasures Guide: How And Where To Use Sea Treasure Tokens In Warzone 2

Sea Treasures Guide: How And Where To Use Sea Treasure Tokens In Warzone 2
Image Credit: Shizza
Written by: Mohsin

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Season 2 has introduced tons of brand-new content and new features to the game. The seasonal update has mentioned almost everything from weapon adjustments to significant quality-of-life enhancements.




When it comes to the more major changes, Ashika Island, a fairly new Resurgence map, and new weapons were also unveiled.



As players get used to the new map by exploring and roaming around, they will discover a huge number of Easter eggs in the game, such as secret bunkers, circular-shaped wind chimes, Shuriken trials, and much more!


Sea Treasure Tokens are a unique and special currency that one can find easily on Ashika Island, knowing where they need to look. Since these Tokens are scattered all over the map, players are required to find and gather them before using them to get rewards.


In this article, we have added details related to everything that a player needs to know about Sea Treasure Tokens.



What Are Sea Treasure Tokens And How To Locate Them On Ashika Island In Warzone 2?


Sea Treasure Tokens are currency or coins that players can find exclusively on Ashika Island. They can be seen in the form of big coins lying on the ground with a diamond emblem. While looting, players are required to be thorough if they want to obtain Sea Treasure Coupons.




You can locate them specifically through the Blue Resurgence Supply Boxes and from enemies that have been eliminated. These blue chests are also known as Reusable Supply Boxes, as they are eventually refilled during a match, which gives players countless chances to come across the Tokens.


Regular supply boxes, as well as duffel bags, might occasionally contain them, but blue Resurgence boxes seem to have the best odds. One should also note that these Tokens will take up space in a player’s backpack, so they should only be carried if they intend to use them.



How To Use Sea Treasure Tokens To Claim Rewards


Once players have collected the Sea Treasure Tokens in Warzone 2 Season 2’s Ashika Island, they are required to then locate the Sea Treasure Machines. They look a lot like vibrant arcade machines and can be found in gas stations.


To look for a gas station, all you have to do is simply open up your map and search for structures with a small gas station icon on them. Luckily, though, half of the POIs on the island have their very own gas stations.




As soon as you find one, you will need to walk close to the Sea Treasure Machine and click on the Interact button. As these machines continuously spawn inside gas stations, finding them will not be a difficult task.



Random Rewards From Sea Treasure Tokens


Sea Treasure Tokens have the capability to provide players with some amazing awards, but they also completely depend on luck. If a player is lucky, they will receive highly useful prizes such as gas masks, killstreaks, or weapons.


However, at other times, they might just get a single armor plate and an extra 100 XP. In case you have additional Sea Treasure Tokens, you can try out your luck a couple of times and potentially receive something good.




What is fascinating is that this entire system gives off the vibe and feel of gambling, but there is no harm in trying it out as you are not spending any real money.


Sea Treasure Tokens are a brand-new and great addition to Warzone 2, and the community seems to have received it positively. Small changes like this contribute greatly to the overall gameplay and enjoyability of the game.


Moreover, this minor addition does not alter the game in any way and is simply an additional element for players to make use of.

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