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7 Best SMGs in Modern Warfare 3, Ranked

7 Best SMGs in Modern Warfare 3, Ranked
Written by: ASH

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the best SMGs in Modern Warfare 3! If you're looking to dominate the battlefield, knowing which submachine guns (SMGs) to pick is crucial. These weapons are famed for their rapid fire and impressive damage, making them a top choice for close-quarter combat. In Modern Warfare 3, the variety of SMGs available can be overwhelming.


Our guide ranks these fast-firing, accurate guns, helping you choose the right one for every battle scenario. Whether you're playing solo or with a team, mastering the best SMGs will surely bring you closer to victory. So, let's dive in and find out which SMGs stand out in Modern Warfare 3!




Criteria for Ranking Best SMGs in Modern Warfare 3


When we rank the best SMGs in Modern Warfare 3, we consider several key factors. First, we look at damage—how much punch does each shot pack? The fire rate is next, as a faster weapon means more bullets flying towards the enemy. Range matters too; we need to know how far each SMG can effectively hit targets. Accuracy is critical; it determines if those rapid shots hit their mark. Recoil control, mobility, and handling also play vital roles in how each SMG performs in battle. We weigh these factors carefully to ensure our rankings reflect the best choices for every combat situation you'll face in the game.



7. Lachmann Shroud


7 best smgs in modern warfare 3 7


The Lachmann Shroud takes the 7th spot on our list, notable for its stealth capabilities with an inbuilt suppressor. It's a burst-fire SMG, allowing players to unload high damage rapidly. Ideal for those who prefer a quieter approach on the battlefield, it lets you move unseen and unheard. However, its limited range makes it less effective in long-distance engagements, so it's best used in closer combat scenarios.


While the Lachmann Shroud excels in stealth and damage in close quarters, it doesn't compare well with others in fire rate and time-to-kill. This means that while it's a powerful option for short-range ambushes, players might find it lacking during prolonged firefights or against distant foes. Keeping engagements short and sweet is the key to making the most of this SMG.


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6. PDSW 528


7 best smgs in modern warfare 3 66


The PDSW 528 snags the sixth spot among the best SMGs in Modern Warfare 3. It's favored for its rapid-fire and compact design, making it a beast in close-quarter skirmishes. The high-velocity rounds mean you can expect to take down enemies quickly and efficiently. However, while it shines in tight spaces, it's not the go-to for mid-range encounters.


Players love this SMG for its agility and firepower. Reaching level 55 unlocks this powerhouse, offering a thrilling experience in fast-paced combat. Though it may fall short in longer battles, its dominance in close-range combat makes the PDSW 528 a worthy choice for those looking to make quick, impactful moves.



5. Minibak


7 best smgs in modern warfare 3 5


The Minibak takes the 5th spot in our ranking for its distinctive design and impressive high-capacity magazine. This 9MM SMG allows players to carry 64 rounds per magazine, making it a relentless force in close-quarter battles. Its high rate of fire and straightforward blowback system enable players to sweep through enemies, ideal for those intense, fast-paced encounters.


However, the Minibak isn't the go-to for long-distance combat. Its strengths lie within tight spaces where its firepower can be fully unleashed. For best results, players should engage enemies at close range, where the Minibak's rapid fire and large magazine size allow for continuous pressure and dominance. Choose this SMG for its unique blend of capacity and rate, perfect for aggressive, close-range strategies.



4. Vaznev-9K


7 best smgs in modern warfare 3 4


The Vaznev-9K secures its spot as the 4th best SMG in Modern Warfare 3 for its balanced approach to combat. This weapon shines with high damage and notable accuracy, making it a strong contender in any skirmish. Its impressive fire rate ensures players can keep up a steady stream of bullets, crucial in tight situations. However, its mobility may be a downside for some, requiring strategic positioning and movement during battles.


To bring out the best in Vaznev-9K, players should consider equipping speed-enhancing attachments. These adjustments make up for its slower mobility, allowing for more agile combat maneuvers. The right attachments turn this SMG into a formidable weapon, balancing its innate power with the nimbleness needed for various combat scenarios. With these tweaks, the Vaznev-9K rises as a reliable choice for those looking to dominate the field with precision and force.



3. AMR9


7 best smgs in modern warfare 3 3


The AMR9 takes the bronze medal in our SMG rankings for Modern Warfare 3. This fully automatic powerhouse is a close-range contender, boasting average stats but exceptional performance where it counts. The weapon's balanced mix of fire rate, range, and recoil control makes it a reliable choice in tight situations. Its adaptability allows players to swiftly eliminate nearby threats.


Using the AMR9 effectively demands a bit of skill, especially in mastering its recoil and maximizing accuracy. Players who invest the time to understand its nuances will find themselves clearing rooms efficiently. So, while it might not be the first pick for long-range engagements, its prowess in close quarters is undeniable, making it a formidable tool in any player's arsenal.



2. Striker


7 best smgs in modern warfare 3 2


The Striker stands out as a versatile SMG, securing the second spot on our list. With its robust damage output and reliable control, it shines in both close and mid-range battles. Players appreciate the Striker for its balanced approach, offering solid performance without sacrificing too much speed. This makes it a formidable choice for those who want a steady and powerful weapon in their arsenal.


In combat, the Striker's advantages become clear. It might not be the fastest gun, but its consistent damage and above-average stats make it a favorite. The weapon's adaptability allows players to engage confidently in various scenarios, making it a dependable choice for anyone looking to make an impact on the battlefield. Whether you're holding down a position or moving through the map, the Striker is a reliable companion in the heat of combat.



1. Rival-9


7 best smgs in modern warfare 3 11


The Rival-9 earns its spot as the top SMG in Modern Warfare 3 for good reason. It's a powerhouse in tight spaces, boasting a high fire rate and superior handling that rivals even the best Assault Rifles in the game. Its lightweight build allows for swift room clearing, making it the go-to choice for aggressive players seeking quick, decisive victories.


Yet, it's not just about speed. The Rival-9 also offers commendable recoil control, allowing players to maintain accuracy during rapid fire. This balance of agility and precision makes it an invaluable asset in varied combat scenarios, from close-quarter battles to maintaining control in more open spaces. Try the Rival-9, and you might find it hard to go back to any other SMG.


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In conclusion, choosing the best SMG in Modern Warfare 3 can greatly impact your gameplay. From the stealthy Lachmann Shroud to the swift Rival-9, each has its strengths for dominating the battlefield. Remember, the best SMG is the one that fits your style and helps you secure victory in the intense and fast-paced world of MW3. Choose wisely and lead your team to triumph!

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