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All Hidden Cache locations in Warzone 2

All Hidden Cache locations in Warzone 2
Written by: Shizza

Warzone 2 is not simply a Battle Royale game, but it brings much more elements to the game. Along with fighting your way to victory, you can also complete contracts, ride helicopters, bring in loadouts, and a lot more!


However, to achieve some of these tasks, players will need cash. In order to get the cash, players will often need to risk their life unless they find a Hidden Cache that is full of money. To make your search much easier, check out this article.



We have compiled all of the locations where you will find Hidden Caches in Warzone 2. So, you can grab some much-needed money without having to risk your or your squad’s life too much.


At the time of writing, we have not found any Hidden Caches in Al-Mazrah City, Sa’id City, Akhdar Village, and Fortress. Let’s get started!



What are Hidden Caches in Warzone 2?


Essentially, Hidden Caches are the treasure chests in Warzone 2. They are usually hidden pretty well and are packages that contain up to $3,500. This makes it perfect for redeploying your lost squad members and buying weapons, as well as other lifesaving perks.



How to find Hidden Caches in Warzone 2


In order to find the Hidden Caches in Warzone 2, players will need to head on over to their locations. You can find them on the ground, and they should be relatively clear when you are standing in the right spot.


Players should keep an eye on the ground, and they will be able to earn some fast and easy cash without having to complete contracts.



All Hidden Cache locations in Warzone 2


Thanks to Nianfo, who is a Twitter user, we now have all the locations of the Hidden Caches in Warzone 2. Moreover, we have separated each location, so you will know where the caches are as soon as you drop in.



Sarrif Bay




The Hidden Cache in Sarrif Bay is not the best one around, so only go for it in case you find yourself in that specific location. The Hidden Cache here is difficult to get to, and there are way better locations you can head over to instead.







When it comes to Hidden Caches, the Marshlands are extremely baron. Players will be able to find them pretty easily, but they should only head over there if they desperately need the money.







There is only one Cache that can be found in the Port, which means that it is perfect if you find yourself already there, but it is not worth actually searching for unless you want to get all of the Caches present in the game.







Players can find three Hidden Caches in the Quarry alone, but all of them are relatively scattered around the area. It is worth searching for these if you stumble across the location rather than especially heading out to the Quarry just to find the Hidden Caches.



Al Sharim Pass




Al Sharim Pass has a total of four Hidden Caches, all of them in close proximity, which means that players can easily get up to $14,000 without having to travel far and wide. As for the other three locations, head over the river, and all of them will be yours to claim.



Rohan Oil




Rohan Oil has a ton of Hidden Caches lying around the location. Players will need to keep a sharp eye out when traveling through this location. The southeastern part will prove to be the most fruitful.



Sawah Village




Sawah Villages is one of the much better locations. You will find plenty of locations in the village where you can find the Hidden Caches, and some of them are in extremely close proximity. The place is well worth heading over to.







The Airport is a dangerous and risky location but can prove to be extremely valuable if you manage to survive the area. It is worth trying to push the Airport if you find yourself to be in desperate need of cash.


However, keep a lookout for any other enemies that might be present there; the last thing you want to do is to get stuck in an open dead end such as this.







As soon as you have looted the Sawah Village, you should head on over to the Cemetery, which is the next best option. It is full of Hidden Caches and will most probably earn you thousands of dollars.


It might be open and risky, but if you can manage to stay alive long enough, it is well worth any trouble you will come across.







Because of the amount of Hidden Caches present so close to each other, the Oasis is a prime spot for players to loot when they are looking for some cash. Since it is a relatively open area, you should approach it with caution.







Although there are not a lot of them, the Caves have some useful Hidden Caches lying around the area. Head on over there if you need some easy and quick cash in Warzone 2.







Along with Oasis, Hydroelectric is an amazing location to head into if you are searching for a little more cash without wanting to complete contracts. It might be relatively open, but it is well worth it if you want some fash cash.



Taraq Village




It is highly recommended that you head on over to Oasis to look for some Hidden Caches when you find yourself along that side of Al Mazrah. Also, while you are around that location, keep an eye out for three Caches spread out around the Taraq Village.







The Observatory is not the best place to go looking for the Hidden Caches, but it can still prove to be useful in case you find yourself around the riverbed or the Observatory itself.

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