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Best Fortnite Gun Game codes May 2024

Best Fortnite Gun Game codes May 2024
Written by: iamharoongill

Fortnite’s Gun Game maps in Creative mode have captured the imagination of players with their thrilling, fast-paced gameplay reminiscent of classic Call of Duty experiences. As we dive into May 2024, the allure of these maps continues to grow, offering a blend of strategy, skill, and non-stop action. 


First introduced in 2018, Fortnite Creative mode has revolutionized player interactions by enabling them to design bespoke maps and modes. With the enhancements brought by Creative 2.0 and UEFN, the possibilities have expanded even further. This post explores the best Gun Game maps available this month, providing codes and insights to enhance your gaming sessions. 




Fortnite Gun Game Mode




The Gun Game mode in Fortnite offers an adrenaline-pumping experience where players compete in a progressive battle to use different weapons. Each elimination grants the player a new weapon, escalating the challenge and variety as the match progresses. The ultimate goal is simple yet demanding: be the first to achieve an elimination with every weapon provided in the game. This mode is particularly appealing for players who prefer rapid action and direct combat over building and tactical positioning.


It serves as an excellent training ground for refining shooting skills and mastering the use of a diverse arsenal. With its roots in classic shooter games, Fortnite’s Gun Game mode delivers a dynamic and engaging environment that keeps players returning for more. Perfect for those who thrive in high-intensity scenarios, this mode is a testament to Fortnite Creative's ability to offer fresh, engaging content that caters to a wide array of player preferences.



Top Fortnite Gun Game Codes for May 2024



1. The OG Gun Game


1._The_OG_Gun_Game_1032 2690 5714

Map Code: 1032-2690-5714


Dive into the quintessential Gun Game experience with "The OG Gun Game." This map features a compact, action-packed arena reminiscent of classic first-person shooter games like Call of Duty. Designed for up to 20 players, the race to level 50 in this tightly contested environment offers non-stop excitement and a pure test of shooting prowess.



2. The Yacht – Gun Game


2._The_Yacht__Gun_Game_6695 6434 6688

Map Code: 6695-6434-6688


Set aboard a luxurious yacht, this map takes inspiration from famous Call of Duty levels, blending high-stakes combat with a touch of class. Players must strategically navigate through tight corridors and opulent spaces, using everything from basic handguns to high-powered rifles. The map does not feature One Shot mode, requiring players to fully deplete their opponents' health and armor, adding an extra layer of challenge and strategy.



3. Infinite Gun Game 2.0


3._Infinite_Gun_Game_2.0_3289 1022 6941

Map Code: 3289-1022-6941


For those seeking variety, "Infinite Gun Game 2.0" offers an unprecedented arsenal with over 450 weapons to cycle through. The map features 11 distinct arenas, each designed to test different combat skills. Up to 16 players can join the fray, battling through a continuous loop of weaponry that keeps the gameplay fresh and unpredictable. Creator Davidpkami has also integrated an Auto-save feature, allowing players to rejoin and continue their progress at any time.



4. Nuketown 2025 – Gun Game


4._Nuketown_2025__Gun_Game_8124 4629 6812

Map Code: 8124-4629-6812


Experience the iconic Nuketown map reimagined for Fortnite with the "Nuketown 2025 – Gun Game." This fast-paced map is designed to evoke the tight, frenetic combat scenarios characteristic of its Call of Duty namesake. Players navigate a small, symmetric layout, dealing with both the nostalgia of the setting and the intensity of rapid, back-and-forth firefights. This map offers a balanced mix of strategic positioning and reflexive shooting, making every round intense and unpredictable.



5. Sponge Gun Game


5._Sponge_Gun_Game_1148 0401 4430

Map Code: 1148-0401-4430


Jump into a whimsical underwater world with "Sponge Gun Game," where you can explore the beloved Bikini Bottom, recreated in meticulous detail. From the Krusty Krab to SpongeBob's Pineapple House, the map is a tribute to the famous animated series and a dynamic Gun Game arena. Up to 24 players can engage in battles across this colorful and inventive map, using a wide array of weapons, adding a layer of fun and nostalgia to the competitive gameplay.



6. Mythic Gun Game


6._Mythic_Gun_Game_4073 6353 7063

Map Code: 4073-6353-7063


"Mythic Gun Game" elevates the traditional Gun Game experience with unique, powerful weapons and added gameplay mechanics. Players can earn special abilities and buffs through kill streaks, enhancing their capabilities in combat. The map's expansive design can accommodate large-scale battles but requires strategic navigation to manage distance and engagement effectively. Although challenging due to its size and spawn points, this map offers a complex and rewarding Gun Game scenario for those looking for depth in their gameplay.



7. Ch5 Gun Game Hero One Shot


7._Ch5_Gun_Game_Hero_One_Shot_3533 5211 7130

Map Code: 3533-5211-7130


The "Ch5 Gun Game Hero One Shot" is an action-packed map that brings together all weapons, items, and vehicles from current and past Fortnite seasons. This version allows players to fly with jetpacks, shoot with bows, or wreak havoc with rocket launchers, offering a versatile and unpredictable battlefield. Designed for up to 20 players, this map ensures a frantic and engaging experience, where every spawn might lead to a new tactical advantage.



8. Exotic Gun Game – One Shot


8._Exotic_Gun_Game__One_Shot_6310 9885 1274

Map Code: 6310-9885-1274


Dive into the "Exotic Gun Game – One Shot," a community favorite renowned for its swift gameplay and diverse arsenal. This map challenges you to sharpen your aiming skills with an array of "Exotic" firearms. The objective is clear: progress through the levels by rapidly eliminating opponents, and be the first to reach level 50 to claim victory. Perfect for players looking to test their reflexes and weapon proficiency in a dynamic environment.



9. Laser Tag Gun Game


9._Laser_Tag_Gun_Game_2536 3588 0877

Map Code: 2536-3588-0877


Battle it out in a futuristic arena with "Laser Tag Gun Game," where players race to get 50 eliminations using a diverse array of 50 weapons. The map is equipped with interactive elements like lasers that can halt your progress and various power-ups to boost your combat effectiveness. With a classic arcade vibe and high-energy gameplay, this map is perfect for those who enjoy fast-paced, visually engaging combat scenarios.



10. Ranked Gun Game: One Shot


10._Ranked_Gun_Game_One_Shot_4148 8558 3698

Map Code: 4148-8558-3698


For players craving a competitive edge, "Ranked Gun Game: One Shot" offers a structured ranking system within the familiar confines of the Colossal Coliseum from Chapter 2 Season 5. This intense map limits matches to 10 players and challenges them with high-stakes one-shot eliminations. Climbing the ranks on this map requires skill, precision, and strategic cunning, making it a thrilling choice for seasoned players looking to test their mettle.


These Fortnite Gun Game maps offer varied experiences ranging from high-energy, whimsical battles to intense competitive showdowns. Each code listed here unlocks a unique adventure in Fortnite's Creative mode, promising hours of engaging gameplay for players eager to test their skills across different environments.



How to Load a Creative Map in Fortnite


Jumping into a Creative map in Fortnite is straightforward. Start by launching Fortnite and remaining in the Lobby. Press the button to change modes—this could be 'Square' on PlayStation, for example. Navigate to the 'Island Code' option and enter the desired map code. After inputting the code, simply press 'Start' to begin your adventure. This quick process allows you to explore a wide range of custom maps, ensuring a fresh and exciting gameplay experience every time.





This roundup of the best Fortnite Gun Game codes for May 2024 offers a diverse array of maps that cater to various play styles and preferences within the Fortnite Creative mode. From the nostalgic lanes of "Nuketown 2025" to the whimsical depths of "Sponge Gun Game," each map promises unique challenges and endless fun. Whether you’re a seasoned sharpshooter or a casual gamer looking to improve your skills, these Gun Game maps provide the perfect arena to test your mettle against friends and foes alike. So grab these Fortnite Gun Game codes, load up the maps, and prepare for some exhilarating, weapon-swapping combat in Fortnite’s most dynamic mode yet!

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