8 Most Disliked Fortnite Icon Series Skins

8 Most Disliked Fortnite Icon Series Skins
Written by: Shizza

The Fortnite Icon Series are cosmetics that are beloved by fans. It brings real-life personalities from gaming, sports, entertainment, and much more into the game’s loop in the form of cosmetics or skins.


Epic Games has collaborated with more than 20 famous individuals and has successfully launched many Icon Series skins that players have received very well in the past.


Players have been taken on quite a ride through this Series, from the very first Marshmello skin to the most recent The Kid LAROI outfit. Players have also come across their favorite musical artists, sports personalities, as well as streamers.


These fans have spent much of their precious V-Bucks playing as one of these famous personalities on the Battle Royale Island. Even though many of these skins were much liked by the player community, there were also some that were disliked by them for their irrelevant outlook and functionality.



In this article, we have compiled a list of eight of the most disliked Icon Series in Fortnite, so let’s get started!



8 Most Disliked Fortnite Icon Series Skins



1) Ali-A


Ali A Fortnite Icon Series Skin


Although he has a huge fan base, Ali-A’s Icon Series skin disappointed many fans and spread anger among the player community. This is because the YouTube content creator is usually called out for his clickbait videos on the platform and is known for misleading his audience into scams.


Nevertheless, the players who are fans of his and like the streamer’s content bought the outfit with several selectable styles as well as his Diplodoculas emote.


On the other hand, those who did not like the streamer stayed far away from his outfit and even avoided jumping into a special creative island launched at the time of the release of the skin in order to get free rewards. Seems like players would rather avoid the free rewards than support this particular streamer!



2) Patrick Mahomes


Patricki Mahomes Fortnite Icon Series Skin


Patrick Mahomes is an NFL pro and a quarterback who was the least-known icon by the players from the entire Fortnite series. He has an extremely limited fan base, and the loopers who played the game saw his skin as a random drop in the Item Shop that was not worth spending their precious V-Bucks on.



To date, only a handful of players have this outfit present in their lockers, while the rest are entirely unfamiliar with the player itself and would rather not use it because of its basic design.



3) Marshinobi


Marshinobi Fortnite Icon Series Skin


Marshinobi, the ninja variant of Marshmello, was another skin that belonged to the Melloverse that was heavily criticized by players. The skin featured a cel-shaded design and was 2D animated as compared to the Marsha and the original Marshmello skin.


The skin had a strange outfit that did not gel enough with fans who preferred the original Marshmello bundle because of its class and simplicity. The Marshinobi outfit has since been regarded as a bad rip-off of the Ninja-themed outfits.



4) Marsha


Marsha Fortnite Icon Series Skin

The Marsha skin was released in the summer of 2022 as a snapshot of the original Marshmello outfit from Chapter 1 of Fortnite Battle Royale. Even though this version was modeled on a female skin, the cosmetic was not liked by the player community because of its dysfunctional style and inappropriate body-to-head ratio.



Nevertheless, the community did very much like the additional variant added to the original Marshmello outfit that featured his skin in black and gold.



5) Spacefarer Ariana Grande


Spacefarer Ariana Grande Fortnite Icon Series Skin

A brand new outfit was released in the Item Shop right after Ariana Grande’s Rift Tour in 2021 that featured the musical artist in a spacesuit. The Spacefarer Ariana Grande Bundle came with an additional style that would become available after the players completed a set of quests.


Although the standard version of the Ariana Grande skin was extremely popular among the fans, the Spacefarer Ariana Grande outfit failed to impress players and was highly disliked because of its weird look and size.



6) Harry Kane


harry kane Fortnite Icon Series Skin

Along with the Marco Reus skin, Epic Games also released a cosmetic set in Fortnite of the English soccer player Harry Kane, who failed to resemble the actual look of the athlete.



Although he is pretty famous in the European soccer scene, even his fans disliked the outfit that was introduced in the game with highly limited colors and a simple design. The outfit was released all the way back in 2021 and came with a “Sweet Victory” emote, which is the player’s on-field celebration style.



7) Marco Reus


Marco Reus Fortnite Icon Series Skin_O4W3Xaf

Fortnite’s collaboration with the German soccer player Marco Reus was probably one of the most random Icon Series collaborations in the game. The cosmetic bundle was introduced in the game in 2021 and featured the “Three Wise Monkeys” emote, which is his signature celebration on the field after scoring a goal.


However, the soccer player has a very limited fanbase, because of which other players who failed to recognize him disliked the skin and called it too simple and overpriced for the required V-Bucks.



8) LeBron James


LeBron James Fortnite Icon Series Skin

LeBron James, a Pro-NBA baller turned actor, arrived in Fortnite in 2021 during the release of his film Space jam: A New Legacy. The cosmetic set featured two variants of the outfit; the first one came with a black winged hoodie, and the second was his uniform from the film with the words "Tune Squad" written on the front.



Even though his film failed to impress the fans of the franchise, his basketball fans who played the game were not as impressed either. It was among some of the most disliked Icon Series collaborations that Epic Games attempted with an NBA player.

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