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What does MIT Mean in Overwatch 2

What does MIT Mean in Overwatch 2
Image Credit: Blizzard
Written by: ar1essss

Previously, in the first part of Overwatch, when players pressed Tab, they only saw a bit of information on the scoreboard. It was the number of points and information about the character's abilities. But in the new Overwatch, the developers took care of the players. Now when you press Tab, you see a treasure trove of information in front of you.


Here are a few deciphers of acronyms for your attention:


  • "E" - Eliminations
  • "A" - Assists
  • "D" - Deaths
  • "DMG" - Damage
  • "H" - Healing


At the end of the list, you may see a new abbreviation you haven't seen before. Let's find out what it is.




What does MIT mean in Overwatch 2?


It's actually simpler than you might think. MIT stands for "damage mitigated" on the Overwatch 2 scoreboard. It looks like the old "Damage Blocked" statistic in the original Overwatch, but that's a little different.


First of all, this stat is very important for tanks because t essentially tracks how much damage a player has negated with different abilities. This will come in handy for fans of playing heroes like Ana and Orisa.


This innovation will be useful not only for tanks but also for other players in various roles. You will be able to understand how effective the player on the tank is in your team, and in the opposite. And vice versa, how ineffective they are. Which tanks will be able to absorb the damage, or rather their abilities, and which ones will not?


Overall, it looks fresh and interesting and will definitely appeal to players who are used to playing on the Tank.

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