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Tips and Tricks For Tank Players in Overwatch 2

Tips and Tricks For Tank Players in Overwatch 2
Written by: NutellaOwl

Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch 2 has emerged as an exhilarating first-person shooter (FPS) with a revitalized competitive player base, thanks to its new competitive features and an extensive roster of heroes.


In Overwatch 2, players can choose from three distinct classes: Damage, Support, and the most straightforward class, Tanks. As a Tank, the primary responsibility is to clear a path for teammates while absorbing enemy fire.


A skilled Tank player can be the key to a swift victory by effectively initiating fights, maintaining a defensive front against adversaries, and safeguarding fellow teammates.

Tanks in Overwatch 2 share common traits such as ample health pools and shielding abilities incorporated into their arsenal, like Reinhardt's Barrier Field and D.Va's Defense Matrix.


Additionally, some Tanks, like Roadhog, can employ regenerative abilities to withstand incoming damage more effectively.




Strategies for Tank Players in Overwatch 2


In Overwatch 2, players can choose from eleven distinct Tank heroes, each equipped with a unique set of protective abilities. Tanks, like other hero classes, utilize hitscan, projectile, or beam-based weapons.


Tank heroes are responsible for maintaining the frontline, engaging with enemy tanks, and disrupting enemy Damage and Support heroes. Playing a tank effectively in Overwatch 2 primarily involves fulfilling your role and minimizing damage taken.


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As a Tank player, it's crucial to recognize which hero's abilities best complement your team composition and the map. Additionally, mastering more than one tank heroes enables you to adapt to different team requirements and situations.


Before committing to a Tank hero, assess the match dynamics to determine which abilities and heroes will enhance your team's performance, making victory more attainable.



Focus on Survivability


As a Tank, your primary objective is to stay alive. With Overwatch 2's "balanced" team composition featuring just one tank, players must expertly balance damage absorption and survival.


Losing a Tank early in the match can place your team at a disadvantage and expose them to enemy attacks. In most cases, the team that loses their Tank first is more likely to suffer defeat.


To increase your chances of success, control areas long enough without getting eliminated so your team can secure objectives or land crucial kills. Avoid straying from your teammates or inadvertently playing out of position.


Lastly, remember not to overextend yourself, and always be mindful of your role as the sole Tank on the team.





Inflicting Damage


While Tanks in Overwatch 2 are often associated with controlling areas and reducing damage taken, many players overlook their potential for dealing significant damage. Almost all Tank heroes boast impressive damage stats and can emerge victorious in duels against other hero classes. Heroes like Junkerqueen, Zarya, and Sigma can deal considerable damage while maintaining their health on the battlefield.


It's essential for players to recognize when to capitalize on opportunities. While Tanks primarily control areas, Overwatch 2's design allows them to eliminate enemies caught out of position. Balancing Tank duties with aggression can effectively corner the opposing team.


Monitoring Teammate Positions


Being aware of your teammates' locations and actions provides valuable insight for coordinating your gameplay. If a teammate is under attack from multiple enemies, knowing their position enables you to reach them quickly and provide support.


By absorbing damage for vulnerable teammates, you can alleviate some of the pressure on them. However, be cautious not to abandon your primary responsibility of securing crucial areas.


Support heroes are often targeted due to their relative vulnerability and vital role in the team composition in Overwatch 2. If you notice your Supports under pressure, don't hesitate to assist them. They'll appreciate your help, and it will contribute to keeping your team alive longer.





Intimidate Opponents


As a Tank hero in Overwatch 2, you can assert dominance not only through physical prowess but also psychological tactics. By embodying the Tank persona, you can make your presence known and intimidate adversaries.


A formidable Roadhog or an aggressive Sigma can instill fear and distract the enemy team. Utilizing your knockback abilities to push enemies back clears a path and secures control over key areas.


Abilities like Wrecking Ball's Roll and Doomfist's Rocket Punch can effectively displace enemy heroes, paving the way for offensive pushes.



Leverage Your Environment


Though Tank heroes are generally larger than their surroundings, they can still capitalize on corner cover. By integrating corners with their shields, Tanks can provide enhanced protection for their team or set up surprise attacks, such as hiding around a corner as Reinhardt and charging at an unprepared enemy hero.


Effective communication and teamwork can further enhance your impact on the battlefield. As a Tank, you should dictate the pace of your team and secure objectives before the enemy does.


These tips can significantly improve your gameplay as a Tank hero. By implementing these strategies, you'll be better equipped to climb the ranks and excel in Overwatch 2.

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