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Roblox Brookhaven All Egg Locations

Roblox Brookhaven All Egg Locations
Written by: iamharoongill

Welcome to the ultimate guide for locating all the elusive Eggs in the Roblox Brookhaven Egg Hunt event! During the special Egg Hunt, participants embark on an adventurous quest to uncover 20 hidden Eggs scattered throughout the city, steering clear of indoor areas and staying within the event's designated boundaries. Our comprehensive guide is meticulously designed to ensure you don't miss a single Egg, making your hunt efficient and enjoyable. Embark on this exciting journey with us and unlock the unique Brookhaven Eggs vehicle, enhancing your gameplay experience!




Brookhaven Egg Hunt




The Brookhaven Egg Hunt is an engaging and interactive event that adds a layer of excitement to the Roblox Brookhaven experience. Unlike other activities that might kick off automatically, the Egg Hunt requires you to initiate the quest actively. Your adventure starts at the Police Station, where you'll find a board detailing the Egg Hunt's rules. The objective? To locate and collect 20 cleverly hidden Eggs dispersed throughout the cityscape, all while remaining outdoors and within a clearly marked red boundary.


This pursuit is not just about exploration but also strategy and keen observation. Each Egg found brings you closer to a unique in-game reward: the Brookhaven Eggs vehicle. This peculiar and eye-catching vehicle isn't just a trophy; it's a functional item that can transport you and up to three friends, adding a communal aspect to your achievement.


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Comprehensive Guide to Roblox Brookhaven All Egg Locations




Embark on a thrilling scavenger hunt with our detailed guide to Brookhaven all Egg locations, ensuring you don't miss out on any of the excitement. This comprehensive guide is your key to unlocking the Brookhaven Eggs vehicle, a unique reward that awaits those who collect all 20 Eggs. Let's dive into the specifics:


  1. Fountain: Start your quest at the heart of it all! Directly behind the Egg Hunt board near the fountain, you'll find your first Egg. It may require a few attempts to grab it, so persistence is key.
  2. Water Slide: Next, head over to the adjacent water slide. Slide down and keep your eyes peeled for the Egg that awaits at the bottom.
  3. Under the Jungle Gym: Near the Adoption Center, look under the jungle gym structure to find your 3rd Egg.
  4. Left of Brookhaven Bank: Across from the Adoption Center, the Bank's vicinity holds your next clue. Search to the left, near the boundary's edge.
  5. Above the Library & Books Store: Moving back towards the center, check the stairs above the Library & Books Store. A careful ascent will lead you to another Egg.
  6. Daycare Building: Directly across from the Library, the Daycare entrance harbors an Egg. Approach it with keen eyes.
  7. Behind Brookhaven Post Office: Your hunt will next take you behind the Post Office. Explore the area thoroughly to find your prize.
  8. In Front of Brookhaven School: Across the road lies the School. The Egg is cleverly placed near the front entrance.
  9. To the Right of Brookhaven School: Circumnavigate the School building to discover another Egg hiding near the side entrance.
  10. Between Police and Daycare Buildings: Tracing your steps back to the main road, inspect the area between these key buildings for another hidden Egg.
  11. Hospital: Not far from the Police Station, the Hospital entrance is your next stop. Be observant to spot the Egg.
  12. Emergency Entry: Explore around the Hospital to find the emergency entrance. The Egg lurks beneath an overhang.
  13. To the Left of the Town Hall: Opposite the Hospital, the Town Hall's left side offers more than governance; it hides another Egg.
  14. To the Right of the Town Hall: Continue your exploration around the Town Hall to find an Egg perched near a rocky outcrop.
  15. To the Right of Oaks Community Board: The Community Board area is your next destination. A careful search around the nearby foliage reveals another Egg.
  16. In Front of the Police Station: Returning to where your journey began, check the Police Station's front for an Egg in plain sight.
  17. Hair & Nails: Look across the street at the Hair & Nails establishment. An Egg awaits near the entrance.
  18. Behind the Grocery Store: Venture to the Grocery Store's rear area. Your persistence will be rewarded with another hidden Egg.
  19. In Front of the Mall: The bustling Mall entrance conceals an Egg among its decorative bushes.
  20. To the Right of Brook’s Diner: Conclude your quest at Brook's Diner, where the final Egg rests near the entrance, marking the end of your adventure.


With this guide, finding all 20 Eggs in Brookhaven will be a breeze, paving the way to your special vehicle reward and the satisfaction of a hunt well-completed.


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Congratulations on embarking on the exciting journey to uncover Brookhaven all Egg locations in Roblox! With our comprehensive guide, you're now equipped to navigate the city, uncover all hidden Eggs, and claim your exclusive Brookhaven Eggs vehicle. This adventure enhances your exploration skills and enriches your Brookhaven experience, offering fun, engagement, and a sense of accomplishment. Remember, persistence and attention to detail are your best tools.

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