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All Kits in Roblox Bedwars

All Kits in Roblox Bedwars
Written by: iamharoongill

Imagine diving into the world of Roblox Bedwars, the action-packed, strategic game that has taken the Roblox community by storm. Amidst the chaos of crumbling beds, defeating opponents, and amassing precious resources lies the real secret to turning the tides of these epic battles: the kits. Each kit in Roblox Bedwars offers a unique set of abilities that lets you customize your playstyle, providing strategic advantages that could mean the difference between victory and defeat.


Are you a cunning player who prefers to outwit your foes with traps and subterfuge, or do you revel in the thrill of combat, wielding your weapon with unerring accuracy against the enemy? Perhaps, you find joy in support roles, healing and buffing your teammates to achieve a collective victory. Whatever your preference, there's a Roblox Bedwars kit specifically tailored to enhance your in-game experience.




In this blog post, we'll delve into the labyrinth of all Roblox Bedwars kits. From the Archer Kit, which allows you to rely solely on your prowess, to the Zenith Kit, enabling you to meddle with your enemies' economy, every kit brings an exciting element to the game. By the end, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of each kit, ensuring you're equipped to choose the perfect one for your next epic battle. So, strap in and prepare to discover the diverse, dynamic world of kits in Roblox Bedwars!



List of All Kits in Roblox Bedwars




  • Ares Kit: Acquire a spear from the item shop that deals damage and knockback to multiple enemies at once.
  • Archer Kit: Boost your projectile prowess by 15% and unlock the Tactical Crossbow in the Item Shop.
  • Beekeeper Beatrix Kit: Catch bees and upgrade your hive for extra iron and emeralds.
  • Crypt Kit: Collect souls from your kills to power your staff and summon skeleton minions.
  • Eldertree Kit: Grow in size and HP by collecting Tree Orbs, but you can't purchase armor.
  • Baker Kit: Bake apples for health and cakes for a speed boost!
  • Fisherman Kit: Cast your line with a special fishing rod to reel in rare items.
  • Grim Reaper Kit: Feed on enemy souls to regain health, speed up, and become invulnerable temporarily.
  • Lassy Kit: Use a lasso to pull enemies closer to you.
  • Aery Kit: Defeat foes, gather spirit butterflies, and watch your sword attacks get exponentially stronger.
  • Gingerbread Man Kit: Use the Gumdrop item to nullify fall damage and get a protective shield.
  • Melody Kit: Harness the power of music with a guitar to heal nearby allies.
  • Yeti Kit: Use your roar to freeze blocks, which can then be destroyed more quickly.
  • Void Regent Kit: Buy an exclusive Void Axe to leap forward, dealing damage and healing yourself.
  • Santa Kit: Rain TNT down onto the enemy base with the Santa Strafe.
  • Spirit Catcher Kit: Acquire spirits from the Item Shop, which chase and explode nearby enemies.
  • Trinity Kit: Transform into Light or Void Angel after three kills, offering healing or life-steal abilities.
  • Vulcan Kit: Operate camera turrets across the map with a tablet.
  • Player Kit: A standard kit with no special attributes. It's just you and your skills!
  • Cyber Kit: Use a drone to gather resources or drop TNT on your foes.
  • Axolotl Amy Kit: Your pet Axolotl provides beneficial effects to you and your team, such as increased shields and damage.
  • Bounty Hunter Kit: Fulfill assignments to eliminate specific players for random resource rewards.


all kits roblox bedwars 2


  • Builder Kit: Reinforce blocks with the Builder's Hammer, purchasable from the Item Shop.
  • Dino Tamer Kit: Purchase a pet dino from the shop to damage enemies or structures.
  • Cobalt Kit: Upon taking damage, drop batteries that, when collected, can activate a powerful overload mode.
  • Lumen Kit: Obtain a powerful light sword from the game store for high damage per hit.
  • Frosty Kit: Throw frosty snowballs at opponents for higher damage and slow their movement for a short time.
  • Hannah Kit: Dash across spaces and execute low-HP enemies with one fatal strike.
  • Jade Kit: Swing a giant hammer to launch foes into the air.
  • Jack Kit: Purchase the unique Oil Blob to create slippery traps that also deal damage to enemies.
  • Infernal Shielder Kit: Spawn with a big shield that deflects damage and projectile knockback.
  • Lucia Kit: Buy Pinatas with irons and break them for rare resources. Special candies can further enhance the resources obtained.
  • Warden Kit: Increase the respawn time of your enemies and passively gain shields.
  • Smoke Kit: Buy and consume Smoke Grenades from the store, rendering yourself invisible for a duration.
  • Sheep Herder Kit: Tame the roaming sheep to boost your damage output.
  • Vanessa Kit: Supercharge your Crossbow or Bow to fire multiple arrows at once.
  • Sheila Kit: Collect special eggs that hatch into a sea horse, which assists by healing and attacking enemies.
  • Umbra Kit: Toss a Teleport Hat at opponents and instantly teleport to their location.
  • Wizard Kit: Command your magical staff to call down lightning strikes and launch electricity orbs.
  • Miner Kit: Transform your fallen foes into mineable stones that yield precious items and resources.
  • Spirit Assassin Kit: Consume dropped orbs from damaged foes to teleport and increase your armor penetration and speed briefly.




  • Conqueror Kit: Acquire banners from the shop that provide beneficial effects to your team.
  • Barbarian Kit: Accumulate rage as you damage enemies, which levels up your sword. Beware, dying will halve your rage!
  • Caitlyn Kit: Assassinate assigned targets and gain bonus perks.
  • Adetunde Kit: Begin the game wielding the Frosty Hammer, a unique weapon that grows more powerful with frost crystals collected from fallen enemies.
  • Metal Detector Kit: Employ your Metal Detector to discover hidden treasures scattered around the map containing valuable resources.
  • Alchemist Kit: Mix and cast a range of spells, from healing and shielding to bombs and poisons.
  • Crocowolf Kit: Upon losing your bed, you transform into a powerful beast with high HP, speed, and knockback abilities.
  • Lani Kit: Procure the Scepter of Light to bestow HP and damage reduction to allies.
  • Farmer Cletus Kit: Utilize your farming skills to grow valuable crops that yield diamonds and emeralds.
  • Freiya Kit: Harness her passive skill that slows enemies with each hit and buy a special Ice Sword for extra damage and slow effect.
  • Pirate Davey Kit: Blast your opponents with a TNT Cannon for explosive results.
  • Star Collector Kit: Gather colored stars across the map for various perks like enhanced health and critical strike chance.
  • Nyx Kit: Use the Midnight Darkness ability to deal enhanced damage to your foes.
  • Whim Kit: Utilize the Mage Spellbook to cut sword damage dealt by half, but suffer increased damage from other sources.
  • Merchant Marco Kit: Return items to the shop for a partial refund. The amount refunded varies based on the item.
  • Raven Kit: Buy and send ravens to infect enemies with deadly poison.
  • Pyro Kit: Engage your flamethrower to make enemies brittle, taking more damage from attacks. Kill brittle foes for embers to power up your flamethrower.
  • Ember Kit: Get your hands on the formidable Infernal Saber from the game store, delivering high damage with each swift strike.
  • Gompy Kit: Employ a Vacuum to collect and release ghosts at enemies for damage, armor penetration, and knockback.
  • Kaliyah Kit: Apply Fiery Punch marks on enemies, and release a powerful punch for high damage and armor penetration.
  • Zenith Kit: Use your Satellite Dish to inflate the enemy team's shop prices and gain a portion of their spent resources.
  • Trapper Kit: Stun enemies with the Snap Trap and inflict more damage on stunned foes.
  • Xu'rot Kit: Fill up your Dragon form bar by dealing damage, transforming into a fireball-shooting dragon when full.
  • Warrior Kit: Purchase cheaper, more powerful armor with the Warrior Armor.
  • Yuzi Kit: Wield special Dao Swords that deal varying damage and propel enemies forward.
  • Zephyr Kit: Accumulate Wind with each enemy killed, increasing your speed and damage.


Each of these kits offers a unique edge and strategy, allowing you to customize your experience in Roblox Bedwars. Whether you're a strategic player who likes to trap your enemies or an aggressive player who rushes into the fight, there's a kit designed just for your play style.





In the realm of Roblox Bedwars, these kits are your trusty companions, each offering a distinct blend of abilities to elevate your game. From the high-adrenaline rush of the Warrior kit to the strategic finesse of the Builder kit, every player can find a kit that resonates with their style. Harnessing the potential of these kits could be the key to transforming your game, tipping the scales of battle in your favor, and leading your team to glorious victory.


Remember, mastery doesn't come overnight; it requires time, practice, and an understanding of the game's intricacies. Don't hesitate to experiment with different kits to find the one that feels like a natural extension of your skills. This comprehensive guide to all kits in Roblox Bedwars is your first step in that journey. With this newfound knowledge, you're ready to delve back into the action, equipped not just with weapons and resources but with strategic insight that can make all the difference. So, don your armor, choose your kit, and prepare to conquer the world of Roblox Bedwars!

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