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What does Flawless, Thirfty, Ace and Team Ace mean in Valorant?

What does Flawless, Thirfty, Ace and Team Ace mean in Valorant?
Image Credit: Riot Games
Written by: ar1essss

At the end of any round in the game, the dictator announces its outcome. Basic phrases such as "Attack won", "Defense won", Spike defused, everyone knows. But Riot Games added into Valorant specific names of rounds, that have become unique and new to players.



What does "Flawless" mean in VALORANT?


valorant flawless


A "Flawless" round is a round where No one Dies on the Winning Team. More often than not, you will encounter with Flawless in the next round after the pistol. Often, one team plays this round with pistols like Classic, while the other has both an armor and a better weapon like Stinger of Spectre.


It's harder to make a flawless round when both teams have a good buy, have all the abilities and ultimates. Especially for the team that is defending. Those who manage to do this can consider themselves good players.



What does "Thirfty" mean in VALORANT?


A "Thirfty" is a round, in which the team with low economy won. As an example, your team have pistols: classic, ghost, frenzy, in the same time enemy’s team have phantom and vandals. If your team will win the round, the dictator will say "thirfty".


By analogy with Flawless, not every team and player will be able to win the "Thirfty" round. Wins in such rounds have more impact on the game, as they affect both the team's finances and the morale of the players.



What does "Ace" mean in VALORANT?


val ace


An "Ace" is the situation when someone defeats five enemies in a row without dying. Usually is only suited for pros as it's hard to track players down, catch them and kill them without letting your guard down; if you manage to kill an entire team of players without dying once, congrats! You have earned the victory.



What does "Team Ace" mean in VALORANT?


A "Team Ace" is the situation when each player in a team make one kill in a round. It's rather unique case, because it's hard for each player to make only one kill in a round, especially if team trying to execute site or during post-plant situation.


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