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The Best Viper Lineups on Bind

The Best Viper Lineups on Bind
Written by: carrico14

Viper is one of the best controller agents on Bind, and you can find a lot of value on the defensive and attacking side with her.  


Her Wall is crucial on the attacking side since it allows you to block the enemy's vision and enter the bombsite in a safer and easier way. 


However, her wall and poison cloud are also very good on the defensive side, since she can help lock down the A site, making it very hard for the opponents to enter the site.


In the B site, you can also make it very hard for enemies to push through Hookah with her wall, or block the B main entrance with her poison cloud. 


There are plenty of Viper Walls and poison clouds you can use on Bind that will give you an advantage over other players. 


But in this article, we will talk about the best snake bite lineups on Bind.


Viper is a very strong Agent in the post-plant because of her snake bite lineups that can win you a post-plant without you even having to fire a shot. 


Without further ado, let's see what are the best Viper Lineups on Bind.



Viper Lineups on Bind A Bombsite


Default Plant Lineup:


When it comes to an easy and very useful lineup this is probably the best one. This snake bite lineup will make it very hard for opponents to defuse the spike and may win you some very important rounds.


viper a site default plant lineup Bind


In order to perform this Viper snake bite lineup go to A lobby near A short, and climb the box to the second level near the wall that has a garden behind it.


After that aim at where the crosshair is placed and do a normal throw (left-click).



Triple Box Lineup:


One of the best Viper molly lineups, despite being a little harder than the previous one. This snake bite is for the triple box plant spot.


Normally when you plant in the Triple Box, opponents will be expecting you to play from the bathrooms, since you can see clearly see the spike from there and can play hide and seek with the defender.


viper a site tri boxes plant lineup Bind


By playing from short with your lineups you will be able to catch the enemies off guard, and there is a chance they won't know where the snake bite is coming from.


The position you are throwing in the lineup is also a safe one and allows you to easily reposition, making the defender's task to retake and defuse the bomb even harder.


To execute it just stand on top of the barrel close to the entrance to A short.


After that line up the letter of your ultimate HUD just like you can see on the top left corner of the image and perform a normal throw (left-click).



Viper Lineups on Bind B Bombsite


Default Plant Lineup:


This is the easiest snake bite lineup for the default plant spot on the B site. It's an easy lineup to execute, and just like all of them, it will make the defender's job much harder. You will also be able to throw the snake bite and reposition it.


viper b site default plant lineup Bind


To perfectly execute it just stand close to the left side wall near the portal that is near B long.


After that, like the end of the white line just like you see on the above image and proceed to do a normal throw (left-click).


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