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The Best Viper Walls and Smokes on Bind

The Best Viper Walls and Smokes on Bind
Written by: carrico14

Viper is one of the best controllers in Valorant. Together with Astra, she is the most played controller in the game currently.


On Bind, the Agent has been a must-pick for months now. Her kit makes it easier to close down bombsites, to block the enemy vision when executing into a bombsite, being an overall great Agent to take control of important parts of the map. 


If you want to know the best way to play Bind and how to find more success on the map we got you covered with our Bind Map Guide.


Learning all the callous in the map is also very important since Valorant is a game where communication is key, so be sure to read our Valorant Bind Map Callouts Guide.


You can also learn the best Viper Lineups on Bind, which will help you a lot in post-plant situations. 


Without further ado, let's see what are the best Viper Walls and Smokes on Bind.



Viper Walls and Smokes on Bind A Bombsite


Bathrooms Wall




Gambit Esports player nAts was the one that popularized this wall. This is a great defense wall that allows you to take control of bathrooms. Enemies that try to enter bathrooms will be forced to cross the toxic screen losing some of their shield and health. 


This wall also allows you to reposition out of Bathrooms to the back site in a safe way. Even if the enemies have taken control of short they can't see you cross because of the wall.



Bathrooms one way Smoke




Line in between the 4 and 5 tiles and left-click 




This one-way smoke is one of the most popular in the game. This smoke allows you to block the enemy vision on bathrooms and forced them to pass through it to get to the bombsite. 


The best thing about this smoke is that allows you to see the feet, and lower body of the opponents, while they can't see you, giving you a massive advantage. 



Lamps Wall




nAts is also responsible for creating this wall and turning it into one wall every competitive team in the world uses.


The objective of this wall is to help you take control of Lamps. It blocks the vision o the enemies on the Bombsite and on Haven, making it easy for you, and your allies, to make your way into Lamps and take control of that area. 



Back Site Wall




This wall is great if you want to make an execution out of bathrooms, or a Short and bathrooms split. It blocks the vision of the enemies in CT, short, and Lamps position, making it easier to take control of the back site area of the map. 



Heaven Smoke




Line it up with the top of the antenna and jump throw.




This smoke complements the Back Site wall execution since it blocks the vision from the players on Heaven. With this, you force the enemies to either give control of that area or push to the smoke and wall. If they do that they will be fighting at a disadvantage since they will be affected by the toxin effects. 



Short Wall




This is a very common wall. It is used to allow attackers to enter the bombsite in a safer way. The wall blocks the vision of the players in Heaven and Back site. 


Attackers can cross to the bombsite and reach the plant area while the enemies can't see them, and are forced to give control of the area of play very aggressively. 



Viper Walls and Smokes on Bind B Bombsite



Octagon and Hookah Wall




This wall covers the two entries for the B bombsite the attackers have access to. It's the best wall to gain control of Hookah, or at least make the enemies give up on gaining control of the area. 


Attackers are forced to pass by the Viper wall three times while trying to gain control of Hookah. This wall also blocks the vision of the enemies in Octagon to the bombsite. 


We see this wall commonly used in competitive matches since is the best Viper wall you could use as a defender on the B bombsite.



One way Smoke for Octagon




Aim at the left side threshold, then aim to the right until you get to the darkest shade of wood just before the threshold ends and turns into a wall. Then Jump Right click.




Just like the one-way Smoke in bathrooms, this one also allows you to block the vision of the enemies, and watch their feet and lower body, while the opponents can't see, and will have to fully expose themselves in order to have a good view of where you are. 



CT Smoke




A wall that is used to block the vision of the players in CT and back site. This makes it easier for the attackers to execute into the bombsite. Gaining control of the front part of the bombsite, and making it harder for the defenders to retake it. 



Elbow Smoke




Line it up with the longest sheet metal that sticks out of the roof, the left-click throw.




This Smoke completely blocks the vision of the enemies that are playing on Elbow. It also makes it easier and safer for the attackers to execute into the bombsite. 


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