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The Roster Shuffle first week of November

The Roster Shuffle first week of November
Image Credit: Warriors Esports KR
Written by: carrico14

All the roster moves of the first week of November from the major ones to the small ones.


"Tenebra" joins Team RA'AD as a coach.


Alexandra "Alexa" Persson leaves Futbolist Female Valorant team, the organization parted ways with the player had wished Alexandra the best of luck in the future.


Kerimhan "kero" Duman leaves BBL Esports.


"Dilara" and "Cassiex3" leave BBL Queens.


"Felipa", as well as "marina", "nugget" and "MissLaia" are now free agents since their previous team STELLAR disbanded.


"mattye" left Female team F5, on Twitter the player thanked the organization and wished her teammates the best of luck.


"GXN" left LATAM organization Velox and announced his retirement on Twiiter.

One of the biggest roster changes of the week was Brazilian players fra and light from YNG Sharks being released from their contracts, the players are now free agents, the organization also thanked them for all their work while under the organization.
"froz" who was on the bench of İstanbul Wildcats left the organization.
İstanbul Wildcats also released four members from their female roster İstanbul Wildcats Female you can read more about that here.
NUTURN Gaming parted ways with "allow" and "Suggest" you can read more about that here.
BOOM Esports announced the departure of Eeyore and Asteriskk from the team.
"lurzy0y0" left Turkish team Fire Flux Esports.
"Milan" who was an assistant coach/analyst for TENSTAR decided to leave the team.
Team NKT from Thailand announced their new roster.
NIP benched all their Valorant roster and announced new plans for the division, you can read more in detail about this announcement here.
"BabyJ" leaves Faze we still don't know if it was the player or the organization's decision.
"Zehradieux" (Assistant Coach) and "Specimen" left HEET Gaming.
ONYX RAVENS announced their new Valorant roster.
"lezinha", "nathmoonz", "Lunna","Mands" and "pepita" from female team 4 duelistas e um baiter were acquired by Try Esports.
"JN3v1cEEE" left Kafalar Esports and joined Fire Flux Esports.
"f3n1x" joined Portuguese organization SAW.
"Cebando" joined Velox.
Souldaz roster was acquired by Wygers.
jonx joined Turkish team Galakticos.
Future ex League of Legends coach joined 19Esports has Valorant head coach.
LATAM esports organization Australs ceased operations and released all their players and staff, you can read more about that here.
Legendary CS:GO player Happy joined Team BDS.
Heet Gaming announced their new roster, you can read about it more in detail here.
Asteria Gaming Valorant roster as well as the staff left the organization announced on Twitter their coach.
Japanese team Reject announced the departure of SamuraiDeeper and Kaminari.
North American organization The Guard announced the first three players of their Valorant roster.
3BL ESPORTS announced their Valorant Roster.
mummAy joined Andbox, you can read more about that here.
IVY release all their Valorant roster. 
Female team fReya announces they are going on a hiatus and their players will now search for a new team.
"Kyo" ex fReya joins Chat Banned as well as Sylvia
Warriors Sports acquire BE INFAMOUS Valorant roster.
MLC Esports announce their new Valorant roster.
What were the moves that surprised you the most and what team/organizations do you think will also do some roster changes next week?


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