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Riot Announces Huge Premier Update Coming Next Act

Riot Announces Huge Premier Update Coming Next Act
Written by: Weeii

The Premier mode is going to receive a massive update in the next patch, alongside the New Agent and much more. For the longest time, you’ve been playing Premier on beta, it was only this current act that we witnessed the finalized season 1 game mode. However, as newer things continue to evolve, we are about to see Premier go to the next level in season 2. 


New Changes To Premier


Riot just announced the changes they will be making to Premier, some of these are modifications the fans have been craving over the last act. And now, you get to see in action: 




- Added practice feature: You will be able to queue for practice matches on select non-match days.

- Team Enrollment: The period changed to one and a half days only

- Playoffs Seeding: Your seeding will be much more accurate and improved based on your team's performance and scores.
- Timeouts: Each time will have 2 timeouts per side now. 

- Playoffs Queue: To ensure better and more accurate matchmaking in playoffs, queue time has been increased to 15 minutes.

- Crests: Will reflect the team’s performance now.

How To Enroll In Premier


You might get excited to queue up for next Premier, but how do you enroll your team? Well, the process is very simple. You will need a team of at least 5 players (up to 7) and ensure that nobody is penalized and verified through a phone link. 


If you meet these requirements, simply head to the Premier tab in-game and enroll your team during the said time window.


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