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The Most Underrated Weapons in Apex Legends

The Most Underrated Weapons in Apex Legends
Written by: gekisakka1

In the ever-evolving world of Apex Legends, the meta is constantly shifting, and players are always on the lookout for the next best weapon. However, there are a few weapons that, despite their potential, are often overlooked. In this article, we will delve into the most underrated weapons in Apex Legends, shedding light on their unique capabilities and how they can give you the edge in your next match.




1. L-STAR: The Unconventional Powerhouse


Apex Legends Hemlok Burst AR


The L-STAR is a unique weapon that allows you to keep firing as long as you stay under the overheating threshold. It's an unconventional pick, but with its large projectile size and increased speed, it's a monster at close-mid range. The L-STAR's recent buffs have made it more usable at longer ranges, making it a versatile choice for those willing to master its unique firing mechanism.



2. RE-45: The Reliable Companion


Apex Legends RE-45 Auto


The RE-45 is a gun that sees very little use in Apex Legends. However, with its easy accessibility, Hammer point Rounds, and it's potential as a reliable close-range secondary, it's a weapon worth considering. The RE-45 may not have the range of an Assault Rifle, but its fast swap speed and bonus damage make it a formidable weapon in a pinch.



3. Alternator: The Accurate SMG


Apex Legends Alternator SMG


The Alternator has held the top spot as the weakest SMG in the game for a while now in terms of DPS. However, its slow rate of fire is compensated by its high accuracy. The Alternator's recoil is almost non-existent, and its hip fire is very accurate, making it an excellent weapon for new players still learning the ropes.



4. Hemlok: The Hidden Gem


Apex Legends Hemlok Burst AR


The Hemlok is a weapon you only hear a little about. It tends to get outshined by other Assault Rifles like the R-301 and the Flatline. However, when you toggle the fire rate to a single fire, the Hemlok becomes extremely accurate and fires much faster than the Scout or 30-30. With some practice, the Hemlok can do extremely well up close due to its tight hip fire spread.



5. Prowler: The High DPS SMG


Apex Legends Prowler Burst PDW


The Prowler is a weapon that often gets left on the ground because of its steep learning curve. However, it's high DPS, and tight hip fire spread put it in the upper echelon of SMGs. The Prowler's 5-round burst may be awkward to get used to, but once you find a heavy mag and get the magazine size up to 35, this weapon can put down serious DPS without needing to reload.



6. Triple Take: The Energy Sniper


Apex Legends Triple Take


The Triple Take, an energy sniper rifle, doesn't receive as much attention as other long-range weapons. Nevertheless, its unique characteristics make it a valuable asset in the Apex Games. This weapon fires three energy projectiles simultaneously, increasing the chances of hitting your target. Additionally, the Triple Take can be charged to release a spread of three energy blasts, making it devastating at close range as well. When combined with a Precision Choke Hop-Up, the Triple Take's accuracy becomes exceptional, turning it into a versatile weapon that excels in various engagements.



7. G7 Scout: The Versatile Sniper


Apex Legends G7 Scout


The G7 Scout is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that often gets overshadowed by its more popular counterparts. However, the G7 Scout should not be underestimated. With its versatility and accuracy, the G7 Scout excels at mid-range engagements. Its high fire rate allows for quick follow-up shots, making it deadly in skilled hands. Attachments like the 2x-4x variable scope or the 3x HCOG Ranger further enhance its effectiveness, making it a reliable option for long-range sniping and close-quarters combat.



8. Sentinel: The Tactical Sniper


Apex Legends Sentinel


The Sentinel, a bolt-action sniper rifle, is often overshadowed by its more renowned counterparts like the Kraber. However, the Sentinel offers distinct advantages that make it worth considering. Its key feature is the ability to charge shots with Shield Cells, inflicting increased damage and breaking enemy shields. This tactical advantage allows for calculated and devastating shots, even at longer ranges. With the precise aim and the right attachments, such as the Extended Sniper Mag, the Sentinel becomes a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.



9. Eva-8 Auto: The Shotgun Surprise


Apex Legends EVA-8 Auto


The Eva-8 Auto is frequently overlooked in favor of other shotguns like the Peacekeeper. However, it possesses its own strengths that make it a viable choice in close-quarters combat. This semi-automatic shotgun boasts a fast fire rate, allowing for quick follow-up shots and potential burst damage. It's especially effective in tight spaces and indoor environments, where it's widespread and can punish opponents. By equipping attachments such as the Shotgun Bolt, the Eva-8 Auto becomes even more lethal, ensuring that enemies won't underestimate its power.



10. Mozambique Shotgun: The Underrated Sidearm


Apex Legends Mozambique Shotgun


Due to its perceived weakness, the Mozambique Shotgun is often the subject of jokes and memes. However, the right approach can surprise enemies and serve as a deadly sidearm. This shotgun fires three pellets per shot, and when aimed accurately, it can deal significant damage. It's especially effective when paired with a close-range primary weapon. With attachments like the Hammer point Rounds Hop-Up, which increases damage against unshielded opponents, the Mozambique Shotgun becomes a force to be reckoned with in early-game encounters.



11. VK-47 Flatline: The Reliable Rifle


Apex Legends VK-47 Flatline


The VK-47 Flatline assault rifle may not grab as much attention as some of the other assault rifles in Apex Legends, but it certainly deserves recognition. This fully automatic rifle packs a punch with severe damage per shot. Its manageable recoil and decent fire rate make it a reliable choice for close-quarters combat and mid-range engagements. Equipping attachments like the Anvil Receiver or the 2x HCOG Bruiser sight can enhance its versatility and accuracy, allowing for precise shots and effective target acquisition.





While it's tempting to stick to the meta in Apex Legends, sometimes it's best to shake things up with some unconventional picks. The weapons we've discussed in this article may be better in their individual categories, but they do have great potential if you're willing to give them a chance. So next time you're in a match, why not pick up an L-STAR or a RE-45 and see how it goes? You might just find your new favorite weapon.

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