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Apex Legends Broken Moon Map POIs Explained

Apex Legends Broken Moon Map POIs Explained
Written by: iamharoongill

Apex Legends continues to redefine the battle royale landscape, and its latest offering—the Broken Moon map—is no exception. Broken Moon Map is a celestial arena scarred by meteor impacts but brimming with new opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the Apex Games, the Broken Moon map promises an unparalleled gaming experience with its revamped Points of Interest (POIs) and innovative features like Zip Rails.


But what can you expect from these new POIs? How do they change the gameplay dynamics, and what strategies should you adopt to come out on top? If you're eager to dive into the heart of the action and unlock the secrets of the Broken Moon map, then you've come to the right place.


In the sections to follow, we'll embark on an in-depth exploration of each POI, offering valuable insights into how you can maximize your squad's performance. From the high-stakes loot at Stasis Net Array to the tactical gameplay at the Terraformer, our guide aims to equip you with the knowledge you'll need to dominate the competition.




Broken Moon Map


Broken Moon is the latest battleground that has been introduced into the high-octane world of Apex Legends. This map is set on the terraformed moon of Cleo, a celestial body that has undergone significant change due to a catastrophic meteor strike. Now habitable and hosting the newest season of the Apex Games, Broken Moon provides a host of new challenges and opportunities for players.





Features and Environment


Broken Moon is roughly the same size as the popular World's Edge map but offers a diverse range of environments. The map showcases a mixture of familiar terrains and exotic, moon-specific landscapes. The map encapsulates everything from rocky deserts featuring research bases to lush gardens teeming with otherworldly flora.



Zip Rails




A standout feature of this new map is the inclusion of Zip Rails, a faster alternative to zip lines that provide quick movement options between POIs (Points of Interest). These rails can be crucial for quick rotations, escaping the ring, or even fast-tracking engagements.



Strategy and Gameplay


  • Rotations: The presence of Zip Rails adds a new dimension to rotations. Quick movements between POIs can make or break a game.
  • Verticality: Several areas like Bionomics and The Divide offer vertical gameplay, providing opportunities for flanking and taking high-ground advantage.
  • Close Quarters Combat: Areas like Alpha Base offer a more confined space, perfect for Legends who excel in close-quarters combat.
  • Mid to Long-Range Combat: Breaker Wharf and Stasis Net Array offer opportunities for mid to long-range engagements.


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Points of Interest (POIs)


The map is divided into 14 unique POIs, each providing different tactical opportunities. Here's a quick rundown:



All Broken Moon Map POIs Explained







A centralized structure for zone control. Located off-center on the map, the Terraformer is a massive, symmetrical structure that was built to keep the moon habitable. This "king-of-the-hill" style location is ideal for teams that want to hold down a central position.


It offers multiple entry points, but the elevated position gives a significant advantage to defenders. Legends like Rampart and Wattson can fortify the area, making it a stronghold for the team. Sniper-friendly vantage points make it an ideal location for long-range specialists like Crypto or Wattson.



Stasis Net Array


Asymmetrical area with a central high-value loot honeypot. The area features a particle beam that prevents the moon and floating debris from colliding with other celestial bodies. The layout allows for strategic flanking and offers multiple escape routes.


High-value loot in the central structure makes it a hot spot for early-game combat. Legends like Wraith and Octane can utilize their mobility to grab the loot and escape, while defensive Legends like Caustic can make the central structure a death trap for incoming enemies.



Atmostation and Backup Atmo


Featuring research buildings and main tower structures, these Atmostations have developed a breathable atmosphere on Cleo over time. The layout is divided between research buildings and a central tower, connected by Zip Rails.


It's ideal for mixed combat, offering both long-range sightlines from the towers and close-quarters combat in the buildings. Legends like Pathfinder can scout the area from the towers, while legends like Revenant can silently infiltrate research buildings to take down enemies.



Perpetual Core


The only source of power on the moon, Perpetual Core is a large region with a central power source. Given its importance and size, expect large-scale battles here. The main power core is a critical but vulnerable point, and teams can set up defensive positions around it.

Legends like Gibraltar and his Defensive Bombardment or Bangalore and her smoke can prove invaluable in defending or attacking this area. Zip Rails and lifts from turbines offer quick vertical mobility, allowing for rapid repositioning or escapes.







This area is filled with densely packed, circular structures featuring multiple levels for vertical gameplay. Originally a research facility for studying unusual fauna, it has now been largely abandoned. The vertical design of Bionomics allows players to set up ambushes from above or take tactical high-ground positions.

It’s an excellent place for Legends like Horizon who can quickly gain verticality, or Bloodhound who can track enemies moving through the structure levels. Covert healing locations provide teams the chance to regroup and heal up without being easily discovered.



The Divide


Characterized by its bridge-separated, Zip Rail-connected vertical houses, The Divide was one of the first settlements on Cleo and retains a sense of its fraught history. Mastery of the Zip Rails can give teams the upper hand in this fast-paced environment.  

Vertical houses provide opportunities for close-quarters combat. Legends like Pathfinder or Valkyrie can make excellent use of their mobility abilities to navigate between vertical structures swiftly.



Alpha Base


This is the location of the first moon landing, characterized by its cramped lunar structures situated inside a sizable moon crater. The confined spaces make this a high-stakes area for close-quarters combat.

Legends like Caustic can be particularly effective here, setting traps in the narrow corridors. The walls of the crater provide some defense against long-range attacks but can be scaled by mobility-focused Legends like Octane or Pathfinder for a surprise attack.



Eternal Gardens


A memorial area that features a wide-open field of flowers and trenches, it’s the only location with a Jump Tower on the moon. While it serves as a memorial, the trenches and flowers offer both cover and concealment.


Snipers like Wattson can set up in the central tower next to the Jump Tower, while Legends like Bangalore can make effective use of smoke to obscure sightlines. The Jump Tower provides a quick way to reposition or to reach other POIs swiftly.



Breaker Wharf


This area features parallel structures designed for mid-range combat, connected by a bridge and a Zip Rail. The parallel structures provide excellent opportunities for Legends proficient in mid-range combat.


Weapons like the R-301 or Spitfire would be ideal here. With Zip Rails running through the area, quick rotations and repositions are possible, making this a dynamic combat zone. Gibraltar's dome shield can provide temporary cover during intense firefights, and Lifeline can set up a quick healing station behind the cover.



Production Yard



Large area with a bullseye landing pad and corridors. This spacious POI offers a mix of open areas and narrow corridors, making it suitable for diverse combat styles. The bullseye landing pad can be a high-reward but also a high-risk starting point, likely to attract multiple squads.


Legends like Bangalore and Wraith can use their smoke and portals, respectively, to offer tactical repositioning for their team. Sniper-friendly spots also make this a good area for long-range specialists like Wattson, who can set up pylons to secure the zone.



The Foundry


Divided central hub with two long arms filled with loot. A rich loot area, The Foundry is likely to become a hot drop for squads. The two long arms provide opportunities for cat-and-mouse chases and ambushes.


Legends like Caustic can set up traps in these narrow spaces, while Rampart can use her barriers to create fortified positions. Integrated Zip Rails offer quick rotations to the central hub where fights are likely to converge.


Dry Gulch


Asymmetrical location divided by a short bridge. With a bridge that serves as both a funnel and a choke point, Dry Gulch demands careful tactical play.


Legends like Gibraltar can dominate with their defensive bombardments, while Pathfinder can offer alternative routes with his zipline. High-ground spots offer strategic value, making this a good location for long-range Legends like Crypto and Valkyrie.





Low-lying greenhouses and a large central structure. An area with unique aesthetic charm and tactical variety, Cultivation features waterways that provide sneaky routes for flanking.

Close-quarters Legends like Octane and Revenant can excel here, exploiting the many blind corners and tight spaces to surprise enemies. The central structure serves as a “king-of-the-hill” spot, ideal for Legends with area-denial abilities like Wattson and Caustic.





A vertical landmark where most moon dwellers reside. This is an urban-like environment with multiple levels and Zip Rails throughout, allowing for intense, vertical combat. Legends like Horizon and Pathfinder can easily reach higher grounds to scout or snipe, while Legends like Bloodhound can excel in tracking enemies through the maze-like interiors. The exterior serves as a funnel connecting the north and south, so positioning and movement are key.





As we wrap up our in-depth tour of the Broken Moon map's Points of Interest, it's clear that Apex Legends' latest addition brings a slew of new tactical considerations, challenges, and opportunities for players. The terraformed moon of Cleo serves as more than just a backdrop; it's a dynamic battlefield that can either elevate your squad to victory or become your downfall. From the vertical possibilities in areas like Bionomics and The Divide to the high-risk, high-reward loot at Stasis Net Array, each POI offers its own unique brand of gameplay, perfectly complementing the fast-paced and strategic nature of Apex Legends.


Don't underestimate the importance of the new Zip Rails either; these high-speed transit lines could very well be the game-changers in how you approach not just movement, but combat and strategy. Understanding how to leverage each POI to your advantage—be it for ambush, loot, or defense—will undoubtedly set you apart in the Apex Games.


So whether you're a sniper who thrives in open spaces like Eternal Gardens or a close-quarters brawler eager to duke it out in Alpha Base, Broken Moon has something for everyone.


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