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How to Play Duos Mode of Apex Legends

How to Play Duos Mode of Apex Legends
Written by: iamharoongill

In the sprawling world of battle royale games, Apex Legends has etched its mark as a titan of tactical teamplay. Since its release, the game has expanded its horizon by introducing various modes that cater to different playstyles and strategies. Among these additions, the Duos Mode stands out for those who enjoy the thrill of a two-player partnership, offering a unique dynamic in the vast landscape of Kings Canyon and other iconic maps.


Whether you're a seasoned player looking to tighten your bond with a trusty teammate or a newbie seeking the essentials to kick off your duo adventures, this guide will set you on the path to duo dominance. Dive in as we unpack the ins and outs of conquering the arena with just one ally by your side.




How to access Duos Mode in the game


Getting into Duos Mode is straightforward. Once you're in the game lobby, you'll see a dropdown option on the top-right of your screen, right above the 'Ready' button. By default, this might be set to Trios or any other game mode you played last. Click on this dropdown, and you'll see a list of available game modes, including Duos. Simply select 'Duos,' and then hit the 'Ready' button to start searching for a match.




The most evident difference is, of course, the team size. In Duos, you'll be part of a two-player team, whereas, in Trios, you're in a three-player squad. It alters the dynamics of gameplay, making tactics and positioning even more crucial.


In Ranked mode, you're not just playing for the win but also for Ranked Points (RP), which places additional emphasis on survival and strategic kills. Duos, while intense, offer a more casual experience compared to the pressure-filled atmosphere of Ranked games.



Ways to win in Apex Legends Duos



Choosing the Right Legend Combination


The key to success in Duos is finding a legendary combination where abilities can complement and amplify each other. For instance, if one player chooses an aggressive, frontline legend like Wraith or Octane, pairing with a defensive or support legend like Gibraltar or Lifeline can be beneficial. The playstyle you're aiming for should influence the Legends you choose.




Top legend combinations for Duos and their strengths:


  1. Wraith and Gibraltar: Wraith's portal and phase abilities combined with Gibraltar's defensive bombardment and dome shield can quickly turn the tide of a battle.
  2. Lifeline and Octane: Lifeline's healing drone and revive shield can keep Octane in the fight, while his stim and jump pad can help the duo make quick escapes or chase down enemies.
  3. Bangalore and Bloodhound: Bangalore's smoke canister can obscure vision, but Bloodhound's tracking abilities can see through the smoke, giving this duo a unique advantage in engagements.



Communication is Key


Given that there are only two players on a team in Duos Mode, communication becomes even more critical. A single misstep or misunderstanding can be costly. Sharing information about enemy positions, loot locations, and strategic planning in real-time can be the difference between victory and defeat.





Tips for seamless call-outs and pings:


  1. Be precise: Instead of saying, "Over there!" try, "Enemy at North 345, behind the rock."
  2. Use the in-game ping system: If you're unable to voice chat, the game's ping system is a robust tool. Use it to mark enemy locations, suggest movement directions, or highlight loot.
  3. Prioritize call-outs: During intense fights, too much chatter can be distracting. Stick to essential information to avoid overwhelming your teammate.
  4. Establish shorthand communication: Over time, as you play with the same partner, develop shorthand call-outs for common situations. For instance, "Push" could mean to move aggressively towards an enemy.



Strategies Tailored for Two




In Duos, movement and positioning can make or break your game. Unlike Trios, where one member might flank while the other two push, Duos requires both players to be more in sync. Always try to maintain a line of sight with your partner. This way, if one of you gets engaged, the other can quickly support you. Also, utilize natural cover like rocks, buildings, and trees to minimize open exposure. When navigating, one player can take point while the other watches the rear, ensuring you're not easily ambushed.



Duo-specific tactics:


  1. Bait-and-switch: One player deliberately draws the attention of an opposing team, acting as the 'bait'. As the enemy focuses on the bait, the second player 'switches' in to engage, often catching the opposition off-guard.
  2. Double-teaming: When you spot a lone enemy or one separated from their partner, both of you can push simultaneously, using the power of numbers to swiftly eliminate the threat.
  3. Distraction and flank: While one player keeps the enemy engaged and occupied, the other can move around to the flank, aiming to catch the opponent from an unexpected angle.



Navigating the Map and Picking Drop Zones


In Apex Legends, some zones are notorious for high-tier loot but also attract many teams, leading to early skirmishes.




  • Hot Zones and Supply Ships: These are marked by blue circles on the map and guarantee high-tier loot. The upside is the potential to gear up quickly, but the downside is the high probability of encountering multiple teams.
  • Edge Locations: Places like Swamps or Lava City may not always have the best loot, but they offer a quieter start. It allows Duos to loot at a more relaxed pace and plan their movements.
  • Central Locations: Dropping in areas like Sorting Factory or Capitol City means quicker rotations later in the game but also poses the risk of getting pinched between squads.



Rotations and zone prediction


With just two players, getting caught out in the open or between multiple teams can be fatal. Hence, understanding map rotations becomes pivotal. Watch the ring and try predicting its next closure. The goal is to position yourself in a favorable spot before others get there.


Use balloon redeploy points for quick movements, but be wary of making too much noise. Additionally, always have an escape plan. If things get dicey, knowing the nearest cover or escape route can be a lifesaver for your duo team.



Loot Management




In the fast-paced environment of Apex Legends, looting efficiently is crucial. In Duos, this becomes even more vital since there's one less set of eyes scouring for gear. Here's how you can ensure both players are well-equipped:


  1. Divide and conquer: When landing in a location, split buildings or areas between the two of you to minimize overlap and increase looting speed.
  2. Use the ping system: If you find the gear that you don't need, your teammate might ping it. The game's contextual ping system makes this a breeze.
  3. Prioritize essentials: Early in the game, focus on getting basic gear like armor, a primary weapon, and some healing items. Upgrades and preferred load-outs can be sought after once you're better equipped.


Each legend has its unique abilities, and loot should sometimes reflect that. For example, if you have a Lifeline, prioritize giving her ultimate accelerants to get her care package faster. If one of you is playing Gibraltar or Bangalore, ensure they have enough ordnance-like grenades to maximize their bombardment abilities.



Engage in Battles and Revive Teammates




The art of knowing when to engage is vital in Duos. Consider factors like:

  1. Position: Are you in a defensible spot? Are you likely to get third-partied if you start a fight?
  2. Gear and Ammo: Ensure both of you have sufficient ammunition and shields before picking a fight.
  3. Information: Do you know where both enemies are, or are you about to be surprised?


In Duos, if one teammate is downed, it can become a daunting task for the remaining player. Respawn beacons and items like the self-resurrecting gold knockdown shield become essential. Always have a mental note of the nearest beacon. If your teammate is downed, consider whether you can win the fight or if it's better to retreat and aim for a respawn. Remember, survival is key.





Mastering the Duos Mode in Apex Legends is a journey of strategic collaboration, adaptability, and a deep understanding of both your legend and your partner's. The dance of two players on the vast battlegrounds requires precision, trust, and effective communication. Whether it's finding the perfect synergy in legend combinations, managing loot effectively, or making split-second decisions during intense firefights, Duos Mode amplifies the essence of teamwork.


As you dive into this dynamic game mode, remember that every challenge faced is an opportunity for growth, and every victory is a testament to the strength of your partnership. So, gear up, communicate, adapt, and let the world of Apex Legends see the power of two unified legends.


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