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Rarest Fortnite banners of all time

Rarest Fortnite banners of all time
Written by: iamharoongill

In the vibrant world of Fortnite, players are not just recognized by their dance moves or skins but also by the banners that adorn their profiles. Beyond the backdrop of the Battle Royale and the thrill of the Victory Royale, lies the allure of Fortnite banners, small but significant markers of a player's identity.


Nowadays, not many new banners come out. That's because players like to use old ones to show they've been playing Fortnite for a long time. If you have an old banner, it's like having a special medal that says, "I've been here since the beginning!"


Some are simple and direct, while others carry with them tales of challenges conquered and early-day loyalties. Dive with us as we explore the world of the most unique Fortnite banners ever, uncovering stories behind these digital badges of honor. Whether you're a newbie or an OG, there's a banner story waiting for you. Let's unveil the art and rarity behind these coveted icons!




Rare Fortnite Banners Everyone Wants


When we talk about Fortnite, there are banners that players are super proud to have. These banners show they've achieved something special or have been around for a long time. Here are some of the coolest and rarest banners:







This one's from way back during Fortnite Season 5. If you played during that season and reached Battle Pass Tier 88, you got the Cobra banner. What's cool? Back then, you didn't need Battle Stars to get it.

Tip: Match your Cobra banner with a cool skin for a stylish look, like the Cobra Kai theme!







Are you a big Marvel fan? Then you'll love the Deadpool banner. You could get it by finishing the Deadpool Weekly Challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2. Heads up: Looks like this banner won't be available forever. That makes it super rare!







This one's special. Only the pro players who were on the Lucky Llamas team in the 2018 Fortnite Fall Skirmish got this banner. Team members would use this banner to show they were part of the cool Lucky Llamas crew when they played.



4. WORLD CUP 2019




The World Cup 2019 banner was a nod to the mega event - the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. It represented the pinnacle of competitive Fortnite, where players from across the globe battled for the top spot.


This exclusive banner was up for grabs at no cost in the Fortnite Item Shop during the event. Pair the World Cup 2019 Battle Bus banner with the Custom Cruiser glider to make an entrance worthy of a champion!



5. BAT




Batman's looming presence in the Fortnite universe resulted in this stunning Bat-themed banner. Players had the opportunity to unlock the Bat banner through the 'Welcome To Gotham City' quests. These were limited-time challenges that celebrated the DC Comics' collaboration with Fortnite.


Since these quests were time-sensitive, the Bat banner hasn't returned to the Fortnite Item Shop, making it a unique collector's piece. Attach the Bat banner to your Banner Cape back bling. It transforms this into a Batman cape, a fantastic complement to any Banner Brigade skin!



6. A.L.T.E.R




A.L.T.E.R banner is heavily reminiscent of the Chaos Agent skin, a mysterious and famous outfit in Fortnite. This banner made its debut in the initial Battle Pass rewards of Fortnite Chapter 2. What elevates its rarity is the fact that the A.L.T.E.R banner never graced the Fortnite Item Shop. Its exclusivity to the Battle Pass has made it a prized possession among fans.



7. Vulture Banner




Back in Chapter 1, Season 2, Fortnite introduced the Vulture Banner as a reward for reaching Tier 66. Acquiring this banner wasn't a cakewalk. It was a testament to a player's skill, requiring them to showcase proficiency in the game, surpassing just being good at battle royale mechanics. It's not just a banner; it's a mark of honor.



8. League Station Banner




The League Station Banner is one of the ultimate symbols of dedication in the Fortnite world. This banner was exclusively linked to the Founders Ultimate Edition, making it an emblem of elite status.


Sadly, the chance to acquire this banner has slipped away, as it is no longer available for purchase. What amplifies its rarity and jaw-dropping status is its initial price tag of approximately $5,000. Such a hefty amount, coupled with its exclusivity, makes this banner a gem in the world of Fortnite banners.



9. Dinosaur Skull Banner




If reaching Tier 66 in Season 2 was considered a Herculean task, getting to Tier 99 in Season 3 was even more monumental. For those players who rose to the challenge, their reward was the unique Dinosaur Skull Banner. It's not just an illustration of a prehistoric beast; it symbolizes determination, skill, and being an early adopter of the game.


This banner is reminiscent of the game's early legends, the pioneers like NICKMERCS and Ninja, who showcased unmatched expertise and commitment during their gameplay.



10. Rattlesnake




The Rattlesnake banner captures attention with its striking imagery. A menacing rattlesnake, detailed with diamond-patterned skin and cartoon-esque teeth and eyes, graces this banner, making it a visual treat.


Players had to show their commitment and prowess by advancing through all the challenges of Season 3’s Battle Pass up to tier 62. Unlocking the Rattlesnake banner was no mean feat. It stood as a testament to a player's dedication and hours spent perfecting their gameplay during that season.



11. Twine Peaks Endurance




The Twine Peaks Endurance banner is a tribute to those who took the challenge in the Save the World mode of Fortnite, a testament to the players' dedication beyond the popular Battle Royale mode. To achieve this coveted banner, players had to endure and come out triumphant against 30 waves in the challenging Twine Peaks arena.


The art of the banner is emblematic of victory and resilience. It features a powerful character, muscles taut, lifting their arms in a triumphant gesture. This figure is artistically framed within a triangle, topped with a shield-like emblem, symbolizing protection and accomplishment. It's a beacon of achievement for those who braved the Twine Peaks challenge and came out on top.



12. Battle Bus




The Battle Bus banner takes players on a trip down memory lane to the very genesis of Fortnite's journey. The process of obtaining this banner wasn't particularly arduous. Players simply had to reach level 10 and make a purchase to get it.


The true test lay in the timing. Acquiring this banner during Chapter One, Season One, was a leap of faith. In the early days of Fortnite, the future of the game was uncertain. Investing money into the game was a risk, given there was no surety of its impending success.


In terms of aesthetics, the banner captures a light-hearted spirit. It features the iconic bus grooving to upbeat tunes, serving as a whimsical reminder of the early, simpler times in the Fortnite universe.





The world of Fortnite is vast and varied, offering not just exhilarating gameplay but also a range of cosmetic items that players treasure. Among these, banners hold a unique position, acting as markers of a player's journey, achievements, and dedication to the game. The rarest Fortnite banners, as we've explored, are more than just digital designs.


They are badges of honor, stories of early adoption, resilience, and unwavering faith in the game's potential. From the symbolic Twine Peaks Endurance to the nostalgic Battle Bus, each rare banner serves as a timeless piece of Fortnite's rich tapestry, making them sought-after treasures in this ever-evolving gaming universe.

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