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How to Play Fortnite on NVIDIA GeForce Now on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android

How to Play Fortnite on NVIDIA GeForce Now on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
Written by: TheQalamkar

Streaming video games may not be as good as running them natively on your hardware – but it cannot be denied that it’s one of the most convenient things on the planet. Not only does it allow you to run games that your hardware may not be able to, but it even lets you play them on devices on which they are unavailable on.


Fortnite benefits from streaming in many ways. First of all, it saves hard disk space and saves you the effort of downloading every update. Then there’s the fact that you can play the game with ray tracing without needing to pay for an expensive PC. And last but not least – the game is not available on Apple devices unless you stream the game on them.


And arguably, the best way to play Fortnite on streaming is by using GeForce Now – which is a multi-platform subscription that lets you enjoy the game on anything from smartphones to a computer.


So, how do you play Fortnite on GeForce Now? Here’s a thorough guide to get you started.





How to Play Fortnite on GeForce Now on Windows and Mac


The process of playing Fortnite on NVIDIA GeForce now is pretty easy. The first thing that you need to do is to decide what package you want. For testing purposes, you can play for an hour on a free account – which is enough to see how the internet works out for you. But once that is done, it’s very much recommended to get a subscription for uninterrupted gaming.




Since even the Priority package includes RTX – it’s a great deal to go for. Once you have selected a package (even if it’s the free one), just head over to the main site while logging in.

From there, you can pick the game that you want to play.




Once you locate Fortnite, all you have to do is press ‘Play’ – and the game will be playable on your browser itself. This works for both Windows and Mac, since there is no additional application involved.


However, if you do want the application for extra stability – you can just download that too.




After you press Play, the next step depends on the package you have. If you are using the Free subscription, you might be put in a queue and have to wait for a ‘PC’ to free up for your turn. This can take many minutes, and then you’ll finally get into the game.


If you purchased a priority package, however, then you will be thrown into the game immediately.




In either case, as soon as you’re in-game – that’s all that you have to do. Congratulations, you can now play Fortnite on GeForce Now on both Windows, Mac, and anything else that Nvidia supports.

Just make sure to test your internet connection on the Free package before you pay anything because your connection needs to be stable.


How to Play Fortnite on GeForce Now on Android and iOS


The first step here is to download Nvidia GeForce now on your phone by heading to its primary store, which are the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, respectively.




Once you have the application, just log in with an account. And pick a package that best suits your budget. But as stated earlier, Free is great for testing but only lets you play for an hour per session so it’s always better to get a paid different one if your internet connection is stable enough for GeForce Now.




The rest is very easy – just find Fortnite in the library and tap on ‘Play’. This will start the game and you’re all good to go.


Make sure to customize the controls to what best suits your interest because on-screen buttons take a lot of getting used to. But this works much better than playing Fortnite natively on your phone because it’s a demanding game and looks terrible on low-end smartphones.


In any case, you can finally play Fortnite on GeForce Now on your Android and iOS devices using Nvidia GeForce Now.




That’s not all, of course. Because you can play many more games on Nvidia GeForce too, not just Fortnite. And you only need to pay for one account, and then you can use it on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and more without any extra effort other than logging into an app or browser.


We hope that you found this guide useful and are already on your way to enjoy Fortnite on GeForce Now. And while you’re still here, make sure to check out many of our other helpful guides too!

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