Do You Need PS Plus To Play Overwatch 2?

Do You Need PS Plus To Play Overwatch 2?
Written by: Mohsin

Recently, online gaming is so much more alive than it ever used to be in the past, and with games such as Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 offering a free-to-play experience to all the players, there is tons of opportunity for gamers to get involved.


Sometimes, though, it can be quite challenging to keep a track of the different services on offer, what with PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass, Switch Online, and several other subscriptions just flying around.



In Overwatch 2’s case, tons of players have been asking about the status of its online service and if it requires PS Plus or not. So, to answer that question, we have compiled this article where we explain everything in detail.



Does Overwatch 2 Need PS Plus To Play On Playstation?


Fortunately, users of PlayStation do not need to have PlayStation Plus if they want to enjoy Overwatch 2. It is absolutely free to play in every sense of the word, and players are not required to have any of the tiered memberships levels in order to play it.


Every game, as well as developers, are unique in their own way when it comes to the terms of their online multiplayer. However, Blizzard Entertainment clearly sees the benefit of making Overwatch 2 as accessible to all PS gamers as possible.


Due to the free-to-play model for the game, the game makes money primarily from cosmetics and bundles, so as the number of players increases, so does the amount of money made.


However, there is a very small chance that Blizzard might go back on this policy and chooses to change things further down the line, but this scenario seems pretty unlikely.

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