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Warzone 2 Map Guide: All Locations And POIs In Al Mazrah

Warzone 2 Map Guide: All Locations And POIs In Al Mazrah
Image Credit: Shizza
Written by: Mohsin

Warzone, Call of Duty's free-to-play battle royale game, gets a solid makeover with a brand new map known as Al Mazrah, coinciding with the highly-awaited release of Modern Warfare 2.


In this game, we move on from the tropical breeze of Caldera and into the desert heat of Al Mazrah, which is located in the fictional republic of Adal. Players now have new places to learn and explore, with plenty of new towns, landmarks, and stone ruins on this map.



A couple of these locations are also maps in Modern Warfare 2, so those who have already played the multiplayer should find them pretty familiar. In this article, we will discuss all of the locations you might need to know in the all-new Warzone 2.0 map, Al Mazrah!






A Guide To The New Warzone 2 Map And Its POIs



Sector 1: Al Mazrah Northwest


  • Zone 1A: Oasis
  • Zone 1B: Taraq Village
  • Zone 1C: Western Foothills
  • Zone 1D: Rohan Oil Refinery
  • Zone 1E: Al Safwa Quarry


Players will find a sprawling landscape of oases, roadside ruins, and three major locations in the northwest region of Al Mazrah. The three major locations are Al-Safwa Quarry, Taraq Village, and Rohan Oil Refinery.


Taraq Village seems like one of the safest places to drop, loot, and hole out for a quick ambush. The Point of Interest (POI) has tons of structures that provide players with cover, vantage points, and hiding spots.


If you are someone who is looking for quick loot and rapid fights, then look no further than Rohaan Oil. The oil complex is mainly an open area with tents and worker housing on the sides. Enemies can easily climb up the silos and tanks, so always keep an eye out for those sneaky snipers.




Like the Rohan Oil Refinery, the Al-Safwa Quarry is a huge industrial complex present deep in the western foothills of Al Mazrah. In case you are hoping to get a nice vantage point for enemies in the open, it would be best to land in the Upper Mountain Compound.


However, your best bet for loot would be right in the middle of the complex where the cranes and factories are present.



Sector 2: Al Mazrah Northeast


  • Zone 2A: North Industrial
  • Zone 2B: Western Outskirts
  • Zone 2C: Al Mazrah City
  • Zone 2D: Eastern Outskirts
  • Zone 2E: Southern Outskirts
  • Zone 2F: Zarqwa Hydroelectric
  • Zone 2G: Mawizeh Marshlands
  • Zone 2H: East Suburbs


In Sector, you will find the map’s dense metropolitan district known as Al Mazrah City. Players can expect plenty of buildings that they can explore, such as a police station, highrise buildings, and even an embassy. All of this potentially makes the area one of the map’s biggest hot drops.


If the hustle and bustle of city life is not something you are a fan of, then you can move on over to the East Suburbs, where you might have an impressive looting spree. The location features a market, a strip mall, as well as a freeway that cuts through the entire town.




Zarqwa Hydroelectric is another one of the essential locations that players should know for map rotations. The village has a couple of historical landmarks, housing complexes, and industrial buildings.


As Zarqwa is close to the centre of the map, you can expect straggling Operators and squads to eventually make their way here as soon as the ring closes.



Sector 3: Al Mazrah West


  • Zone 3A: Sattiq Cave Complex
  • Zone 3B: Hafid Port
  • Zone 3C: Sa’id City


Sattiq is also famous as the west sector’s crown jewel and features a deep network of underground hideouts right below the town. The Sattiq Cave Complex is an amazing place to sit tight and catch out enemies not quite familiar with the location’s maze-like structure.


Even though the exterior of the Sattiq Cave Complex is mostly composed of rundown villages and outposts, players can visit the more established coastal locations of Hafid Port and Sa’id City.


Some of the major landmarks here are the Oil Jetty in Hafid Port and the Soccer Stadium in Sa’id City.



Sector 4: Al Mazrah Zaya Observatory And Mountains


  • Zone 4A: Northwest Mountain
  • Zone 4B: Zaya Observatory
  • Zone 4C: Al Sharim Pass
  • Zone 4D: Ahkdar Village




Sector 4 is a pretty tough location to drop at as it is stuck between four other sectors. Once the circle closes, players should expect quite a lot of players to pass through this specific sector.


In spite of being a mid-game hot spot, players can easily find a solid position at either the Zaya Observatory or the Akhdar VIllage. As soon as you have cleared this place out of initial drop-ins, your enemies will have quite the journey to get to the location’s main hub.


Here, we are talking about zig-zag roads, bridges, and craggy terrain. Once in Akhdar village, players are bound to be captivated by the sights. The world heritage site features a central courtyard, a grand bazaar, as well as modern apartments.


With the POI having tight alleyways and labyrinthic buildings, squads are in for close-range firefights in this area.



Sector 5: Al Mazrah Southwest


  • Zone 5A: El Samman Cemetery
  • Zone 5B: Sawah Village


Featuring only two major landmarks, Sector 5 is the ideal location for players who are looking to avoid fights and play the long game. Players can treat the walled El Samman Cemetery as the initial drop for the southwest region.


From this derelict place, players have access to other residential structures in each direction for some extra looting. Present only south of the Cemetery, you can easily find the sunken Sawah Village.




Sawah is home to a couple of unique landmarks, such as the Covered Market and the beached Oil Tanker.



Sector 6: Al Mazrah South


  • Zone 6A: Sarrif Bay
  • Zone 6B: Al Malik Airport
  • Zone 6C: Al Bagra Fortress


Just like sectors 3 and 5, the southern region of Al Mazrah is home to a total of three coastal locations, which are Sarrif Bay, Al Bagra Fortress, and Al Malik Airport.


Although it does have the usual inland district of residential buildings and gas stations, Sarrif Bay has its very own Lighthouse Peninsula, Eastern Fishing Bay, and Resort. As swimming is now a mechanic in Warzone 2, players and their squads can take a dip and observe their enemies from the coast.




Al Bagra Fortress is a walled island city located just southeast of Sarrif Bay. A single roadway by the Bridge and Cistern Entrance leads to it, but it seems like you can also swim your way onto the island’s shores.


Al Malik Airport sees more modern architecture, with multi-story parking lots, warehouses, an airport terminal, as well as a clock tower. When you are looting, it would be best to stay far away from the long dilapidated runway, the most open area in the whole POI.

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