The Best Viper Walls and Smokes on Icebox

The Best Viper Walls and Smokes on Icebox
Written by: carrico14

Viper is the best controller you can play Icebox. Despite the recent nerfs the Agent received she is still a must-pick Agent on the map. She has a 48% pick rate on Icebox and only Jett, Sage, and Killjoy have a higher pick rate.


Her kit makes it easier to close down bombsites, to block the enemy's vision when executing into a bombsite, being an overall great Agent to take control of important parts of the map.


If you want to know the best way to play Icebox and how to find more success on the map we got you covered with our Icebox Map Guide.


Learning all the callous in the map is also very important since Valorant is a game where communication is key, so be sure to read our Valorant Icebox Map Callouts Guide.


Without further ado, let's see what are the best Viper Walls and Smokes on Icebox.



Viper Walls and Smokes on Icebox A Bombsite


Screen and Rafters Wall




This wall is used when you want to execute into the A-Bombsite. With this wall, you will be able to block the vision of the enemies that are on the left side of the site. Blocking vision from screens and Rafters.


Enemies will have to push through the toxin screen being affected by the toxin and becoming vulnerable or give up control of the site until the toxin screen drops. This makes it easier for you to execute into the bombsite. 



Back Site Smoke



 Aim above the threshold ( exactly where the crosshair is) then run and throw with left click



This Smoke covers the back site making it very hard for the defenders to play there. They won't be able to see you enter the site unless they expose themselves. This is used together with the Screen and Rafters Wall and is a very common and strong A site execution. 



Defensive Wall




If you want a defensive wall for the A bombsite then look no further. This wall is the best one you can place on the A bombsite. It blocks the enemy's vision to all the lower parts of the site and forces them to push through the toxin screen in order to get inside the plant area. 


It's also very useful to play retake. 



Viper Walls and Smokes on Icebox B Bombsite



Attacking Wall:




This is the most commonly used wall by attackers on the B bombsite. It blocks the vision for the players on the lower bombsite and CT. However, players on the top site will be able to watch over it, so use Poison Cloud to block the vision on that spot.


With this wall, you can get to the plant area in a safer way, force your enemies to play in a more defensive way, and often they will wait for their teammates in order to play retake. 



CT Wall




One of many defensive walls that are used on the BB bombsite. This one covers the entries from Green. Forcing the attacking players to cross the toxin screen and become vulnerable in order to progress to the bombsite. 


It also blocks the vision for the players that may come from mid via under tube. You can find a lot of value in this wall, especially if you like to play more defensively. It's also a very good wall to play retake. 



Cubby wall




This is a much more aggressive wall. It block's the two entries to green and allows you an advantage over the players that are courageous enough to push while the toxin screen is active. 


It also allows you to gain some map control and very precious information. You can also gain a more advanced position that may catch some players off guard. 



Retake Wall




Just like the name indicates, this wall is used as a retake wall. It blocks the enemy's vision of the bombsite, but allows them to gain control of some parts of the map, such as yellow. 


Normally, defensive players will stay on-site or in another defensive position, opting to wait for their teammates, and play retake. 



Defensive One way Smoke



Aim where the rivet meets the wall of the box, and then jump and right-click at the same time. 



This one-way smoke allows you to have a massive advantage over the opponents. You will be able to spot them first while they cant still see you, and are forced to fully expose themselves in order to advance to the plant area. 



Agressive One Way Smoke



            Aim at the part of the crate where the crosshair is, and jump right-click.



This one-way allows you to play more aggressively. Gives you the chance to choose between holding the right or the left side of B main. Enemies won't be able to see you, and you have the angle advantage over them.



Viper Walls and Smokes on Icebox Mid


Mid control Wall for attackers




With this wall, you can block the vision on mid, tube, and kitchen. This allows you to gain control of mid in a safer and easier way. Enemies will be forced to either play aggressively by pushing the toxic screen or just giving up control of those areas of the map. 



Mid Boiler Smoke



Climb to the highest box near blue, stick yourself to the corner of the box, aim at where the crosshair is, and just do a left-click throw.



This smoke completely blocks the vision of Mid boiler. This forces enemies players to relocate since they lose all sight of mid. It also allows you to gain some mid control, pushing mid and gaining some space for your team. 



Mid Control Wall for Attackers




A perfect wall that covers the only entry attackers have to mid. This forces them to push the toxic screen and also gives time for the defensive players to get to a more aggressive and forward position. 

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